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November 16, 2012



I've always loved your sewing - these pieces are beautiful. I especially love the rainbow dots top.


Lovely as always, Alison! I'm a devoted dots and circles lover too. I wish it were warm and full of spring freshness in my neck of the woods as well, but your post brought a burst of balmy happiness to my day.

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simply beautiful ...
thank you for sharing these!


Hei. Hører at dere samler inn "dra-tapper" eller øl-ringer. Vi har samlet i flere år, men har nå ingen å levere dem til. canada goose Kan jeg sende dem til dere? Håper på positivt svar. Mvh Heidi Arnestad.


The pictures of your fabrics makes me want to start sewing again. I really like the Tao-ka fabric. It looks so bright and cheerful
Thanks for sharing


How gorgeous. If only I had an extra four hours a day to sew. Perhaps in a few years. The joy.

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