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November 02, 2012



Gorgeous. You absolutely paid tribute and honored the artist vision.


I don't think the artist would feel at all insulted.


And I know the photos don't come close to capturing the depth and complexity of texture. Brilliant work.


Absolutely brilliant Alison!


Oooh wow. It is gorgeous!


Just beautiful. It's a work of art in its own right.


I love this. You have done a beautiful job. A quilt to be treasured.


Stunning! As Sooz says, the photos don't capture the depth of the textures of the different white fabrics! So glad to see it completed.

Nipper Jenn

It's amazing, Alison. Just gorgeous. The artist could only be flattered by this interpretation of his work. I'd love to see more close ups of the white work and embroidery you've done.


This is fabulous. What a brilliant homage to the art that inspired the quilt! I love every bit of it.


your interpretation is a beautiful work of love..circling round such a beautiful child..the perfect balance of form and function....and heart, bravo,my friend.xx


Absolutely, wonderfully beautiful. I can see your heart and your vision in this piece of love - I remember a mini-conversation we had via your blog years ago about what constitutes a quilt, and I said to you by definition a quilt is any covering that consists of 3 layers sewn together, regardless of what others might say. I think I would have to add to that that be it humble or exquisitely ornate, a quilt also consists of love, and vision, and a little (or not-so-little) piece of your heart. That's what I see in your creation for Pia, and it is a thing of beauty.


A real masterpiece Al x


Every now again you see something on the web that is so inspiring it lingers in your mind, and you wish you could see it in person...this is the nicest quilt I have seen in a very long time....brilliant work....this image will linger in my mind, as your quilt will linger and be loved by generations of your family to come...


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Jackie Q

How beautiful - I'm sure that P will be only the first in many generations of your family that will love and treasure such a delightful, carefully designed and beautifully made quilt.


Oh wow, this is amazing! A beautiful interpretation of the artists work, really inspired. This may finally tempt me to try quilting.

lisa s

STUNNING !! [as always]



I realky love this quilt. You have created a beautiful play on space, texture and design. I need to go explore the artist as you have peeked my interest.

Love the image of Pia up top.



Gorgeous photos! Love your blog, such a cool concept.

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Seeing your beautiful quilts it makes me want to try and quilt again
Thanks for sharing

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