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May 02, 2012


Dolores @ A Labour of Love

Ah yes, I have been trying to purge for about a year. I find the whole process too overwhelming but I am making small steps. I would like to be able to be ruthless like you, I used to be but I don't know what changed. Anyway, I'll look out for you on Sunday, I'm going to be selling some of my stash at Stash & Treasure the following weekend.


Denise | Chez Danisse

I've done a bit of such purging this spring, but still have much more to do. Every little session makes our home feel better, and as you said, lighter. Enjoy your time at Petersham Town Hall.


geeeez I wish!!! :) have fun!


I wish I could have come to that market, and can only imagine what treasure bits you had on the table before you. Yum. :-) I haven't been here for awhile -- we moved across an ocean and my former life of time evaporated. HOWEVER, I am happy to tell you that my daughter's Silver Song still FITS, still is a favorite and still gives me happiness every time I look at it. The sleeves have gotten shorter with her growing, but I am going to pick up some stitches under the edge and add another cuff to the ends of each sleeve. I figure I can just use the pattern instructions to make it sort of "double" cuff. I love that pattern so much!!!

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Wonderful purge! Perfect package, very classic, the design and the creativeness in packaging. A good present for someone special. Well, sending that purge to me, that's is totally cool stuff. I might appreciate it very well. Great mind!

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