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December 02, 2011



That wreath is A-MAZING!

Denise | Chez Danisse

My godmother used to crochet snowflakes this time of year. Thank you for bringing this memory back to me. Welcome to December and cheers to such a full life.


isn't life full. And yet I seem to want more time to do more things.
Merry Christmas Alison. Enjoy your holidays. My two finish today, I'm preparing myself mentally now.



(It's all a bit hyperventilatey around here).

Come on then. Tell me how much you love stick insects?! Twenty baby hatchlings left by their sadly deceased mamas are currently running around in their enclosure like newborn puppies. I'm a bit stick besotted.


it's nice to read an update from you. best with your design submissions.

lisa s

hi ~ missed you.
love both [ornaments + wreath]
and your summary of all the melded together days....


please come decorate my apartment for christmas. KTHXBAI.


I've been watching your blog from a distance for a while and absolutely love all of the things you make. I'm inspired by how you mingle your making with day-to-day living.

The Christmas decorations and wreath are beautiful! Breathtaking! May I ask what kind of yarn the snowflakes are made from? And on the wreath, are the balls of yarn whole balls of yarn, or small balls wrapped in a surface of yarn?

Thank you for sharing, :)


ha ha! I love the new crochet decorations :)

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The design is so cool. Thank you for giving me such wonderful ideas of what am I going to decorate in my house on Christmas. I think this would fit on upcoming New Year, too.

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