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June 14, 2011



Breathtakingly beautiful! It looks so wonderful on you. I have every excuse in the world to knit this, seeing as it gets mighty cold in these parts, but not for a few months yet (which gives me the time to make it).


Gorgeous cowl and gorgeous photos of you!


Beautiful! The photos are gorgeous, as always, and so are you!

I added this to my favs for the fall..... now I'm looking forward to a little fun in the sun!


It does look warm - I could do with one of them today. Lovely pictures of you.


Almost makes me long for winter! It's really beautiful, as are you, and the photo shoot is perfect.

Rachel Haynes

That is stunning. Bravo you for following your own voice of wisdom and intuition.

It's so beautiful. Will you teach me to knit one day?


It's divine!
It's positively arctic here, I could wear a full body knitted suit and still freeze.
So...if this is you, who was that dark haired girl a few months back?


They are also the people without heating in their houses. Sydney gets bloody cold. I think that the infrequent use of heating justifies more handknits! Your cowl looks amazing, and they are lovely photos.


Gosh, I love this.


You do look snug in that gorgeous chunky knit. I've had the cowl queued at Ravelry for a while now and kinda forgot about it. But come the ice cold of the Welsh hills in winter I shall be glad you reminded me to bump it up my project list!

Patrick Sharp Jersey

Nice job for you!


I didn't realise you were also in Australia! Is it wrong that I kind of love your photos even more, knowing they come from "home"?

That is an absolutely GORGEOUS scarf. (You think Sydney is bad about the cold? Try Perth!) Scarves are seriously some of my favourite articles of clothing, so as soon as it's even remotely cool enough to begin wearing them, I'm bundled up like it's an ice age!

Is it as super soft as it looks? :D



I am always amazed at the finished product of knitting or crocheting. How did someone ever figure this out? Anyway I think everyone could own a neck wrap even if they live in a warmer area. We never know when we will need such a garment.

theresa/t does wool

big and beautiful...wear it with style and grace ~


It looks lovely Alison!

Alex Sand

That looks so cozy. The chunky yarn is perfect.


gorgeous! I've seen a few people make the herringbone cowl and wondering if I have the patience for it! maybe the 10 hour drive to echuca next week will be the perfect time to start

I just love those photos of you! perfect!



Plenty of frosts in Sydney! I can remember getting dressed for school in front of a single bar radiator, on bare lino, and shivering.

I loved running over the frost and crunching it.

Now I live closer to the coast and we don't have frosts.

Jessica Matz

I know you've got the sewing spirit! Come join in on Project Frumpy to Fab!

Strawberry Moth


Great looking cowl, and photos as well.


How soft is this wool? Scratchy? I need a wool for a scarfy thing... I'm assuming if you can stand this three times around your neck it's soft? Did you buy the yarn in Aust?


Fucking ugly bitch!


Wrap it 4 times around your neck - with a bit of luck you might choke to death.


Your cowl looks beautiful and so do you!


Stopstalkingme needs to really get a life. Preferably one in a prison cell or institution. Where she belongs.

And her other personality, myfakie, needs to take her own advice.

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