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May 13, 2011



You spoke powerful wisdom with a small amount of words. Work is after-all a everyday tedious chore and if we can do this as something we enjoy - what more can we ask?


The textures look so very cosy, what a joy those few found minutes must be. I found that knitting on the soccer pitch when it's cold enough to see your breath waft into the air, is delightful and it keeps your hands warm.

I hear that Cascade's Eco Cloud is perfect for hats. ;)


Love that pile, yes grey hats would be perfect.


"proof that if you continue working through small pieces of time you can get somewhere" - so beautifully put.

this whole post is an inspiration to me. thank you.


pink grey for Pia?

love the hues


You're going to be one incredibly chic yeti!


amy sprouse | Studio Tinsel

Recently became reacquainted with your blog. And realized I still love it just as much.


i love grays...but yes, my daughter loves pinks...but also loves wearing hand-me down boy tee shirts from her brother...

Lydia Louw

i love grey. So.. yes, people need grey hats. When I read your blog (yes, I am a silent reader) I always wished I could knit.. still keep coming back though.


I really hope your cold weather is gone. Your stacks look very interesting!

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Look so very cosy! Love that pile. This whole post is an inspiration to me.

Justin Agar

These beautiful pieces are simple, yet they say a lot about your personality and mood.

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