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May 24, 2011



I want to live in the house of jewels and wear such chic clothes!

Diana Zlatanovski

I can never get enough of your photos! Love the moodiness.

theresa/t does wool

girls love jewels..do they not?
and yours are wonderful,Al~


I just adore the vest and leggings. Great look! Thanks for the links to the patterns. Still drooling over your photos....

Homeowner Insurance

Your jewels are wonderful! Great look!


goodness I am out of touch - pattern magic 3 !
Love the button and Pia I must say is looking rather beautiful :)

Rachel Haynes

I love the ways in which the world enters your mind and comes out in poetry, song, art and love. Beautifully written.

Yeti Blue

I love the vest too... it's looking great. Pictures are beautiful.

Tanya B.

I agree....great, great look. Suddenly, I want to sew grey jersey leggings. :-)

gorra new era

Thak por compartir con nosotros, creo que este es el tiempo para leer Es muy bueno compartir con ustedes lo article.i agradable le recomendaría a mis amigos

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