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April 15, 2011



it sounds beyond perfect.
I could use a weekend like that soon...


Oh I envy you your weekend to yourself! Sounds like the zen version of craft weekend. Enjoy!


gorgeous fabric! enjoy your weekend of bliss! :)


silence is golden =)

theresa/t does wool

aaah....everything is good then....

Jacqui Dodds

Glad to hear that things are coming together for you - hopefully I will feel this soon! Your new fabric pile looks very inspiring.


I think camping is fun...and would totally bring a project except chances are high that I'd end up getting it dirty. Being at home alone? Well, I do that a lot already. But quantitative yarn time is hard to come by.


What a lovely list of happiness.
Mumford and sons is on high rotation here as well. It is one of the few cds in the house that makes every one happy - from the big daddy all the way down to the baby.


LUCKY!! I love your post, and I crave everything you're up to. Enjoy!! XO


A great deal of pleasure can come from a weekend alone...to do as you please! Knitting or crocheting - idea for working with and watching movies. Enjoy it while you can. (*_*)

Jesse Ryder

Thanks so much for the happiness list. How I stumbled on your blog I'll never know - knitting is not something I indulge in but I have to say serendipity plays a part - after reading the happiness list it lifted me out of a black mood. Thanks much!

lisa s

yup. can you bottle that and send me some? xo

Secret Admirer

I highly recommend naming your mannequin, I find it takes some of the creepy out of them. Enjoy your me time!

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