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March 28, 2011



welcome back. feeling a bit of a traveller's itch now I must say!


Oh man
Sounds like BLISS!!!!
So glad you had such a wonderful time
(swimmers ear and motion sickness aside)
I want to go too- NOW!
Brings back memories of my own childhood holidays to a remote island off the coast, collecting shells and making shell gardens outside the hut, fishing, exploring the reef, drawing in the sand. Lots of mozzies and no hammocks though...


sounds like a truly magical week. YAY!

theresa/t does wool

a week..
is all I need ;)
your week..to restore..to dream...beautifully shared..thank you,A~~x


I love that my kids are old enough to snorkel with me :-)
There's nothing better!
Sounds like a magical place.


Reading your post is like 5 minute holiday :)
Has to be great to have such islands 'around the corner'.

Tanya B.

South pacific seas....that is sooooooo exotic to my eyes and ears. Like out of a movie!!! Americans define everything in terms of movies.

ha ha ha!

I'm so glad you had a good week -- and that your children had fun with the water, even though it has sometimes in the past not been a friend to them.

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I never done snorkeling and I would love to, but there is a big problem I don't know how to swim :( I'm so frustrated because of this.


The photos on your website are pristine.

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Photos are lovely and it seems that you have pretty enjoyable time there.

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