February 02, 2011



It's been such a big week for you, and so ridiculously hot. I hope P has a fantastic day tomorrow, and that the cool change comes soon.


*huge hugs* for ya. Gosh, it's been ages since I've seen you! :( Hope you're getting a bit of time to look after yourself. The heat really is draining, isn't it? x


Stay strong.... and cool off! How's about 6 feet of snow?

It may not seem like it now that you are in the thick of it, but you are just absorbing everything around you and it actually comes together so well in this post. This will be one of those times that you grow as a family and yet grow alone as well.


All will be ok. Freak outs are a part of getting to that time in a few weeks where the new routine has settled in and everyone has an inkling of which way is up. Wishing you every sort of cool...


Delurking to say that I have had very similar emotions. My three kids all changed schools last week. One moved on to high school, two were forced to change with the govt closing the very small school we loved. Everyone has had moments of tears, but I keep promising them that soon we will feel at home in our new environments.


I hope that writing has helped you feel better. Know that you are not alone. I felt distraught when my oldest recently went off to college and my youngest to a new high school! Thanks for sharing.


I don't think you have to be a control freak to find all the uncertainty overwhelming - I think that's very hard! I feel VERY glad we do that bit differently down here. Leaves me free to freak out about something else entirely. Good luck getting into the groove and tolerating the bumps in the road to get there.


One of the best things we can do for our little ones is let them battle these things out in a safe environment. He won't be harmed, will grow in unexpected ways and surprise you with his strength.
Building resilience is vital for their long term mental and physical health - it's a good thing, and cotton wool can slow that process down.
He'll be fine. She'll be fine, and you, my friend should distract yourself in some glorious way until you see them blossom. This is going to be a kick arse year for all of you. Sending you much love.


If it's any consolation, this is exactly how I felt when my youngest started....college.

theresa/t does wool

hot days..changes...tears...love...xx

Tanya B.

I think you are so HEALTHY to not only cry the tears, but to write about them as well. Good for you - GREAT for you - in opening up about what so many parents stuff down deep inside and try to ignore during transitions. You get to feel however you like, after all!!

Can you tell I've been there, too?

;-) ha ha!

And I can promise you it will get better, feel better, and somehow *cleaner* because of these agony days of heat and tears.

Thinking of you from over here, where it's cold....but silver/song is on my needles; I am so GLAD you pour your feelings into what you do!


I don't know you personally, but I can't imagine you have failed in any way, or that you are control freak, or that you are feeling anything other than the most natural grippings of panic and loss as you do what you must, as a mother, and let them a little looser into the world and their experience, while watching carefully and waiting to see. I realized last fall (here in the US) that every beginning of school year I am semi-depressed for a couple months for this very reason. I think many of us are but we don't realize it's because of that, and then we acclimate to it and settle in and it fades--until next time. And you have two big transitions at once--a double whammy! Snuggle up when they come home. They are still yours!!


I think letting go is the hardest thing... knowing we can't be there to 'help' them all the time.

For me anyway.


That special "elastic" tie between you and them will stretch and strain but never, ever break ...
Know that you have succeeded, perfectly, carefully in making them ready to face the world on their own ...
Know that they will hear your words in their minds forever, wear the clothes you have sewn, carry the bags you have made and feel your love in their hearts ...
and thank you for sharing.

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