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February 14, 2011


Cilla ann

very beautiful thoughts and emotions... I sadly do not listen enough to the sounds of silence to caught up in deadlines and the stress of the world around. Thanks for the brief moment of silence just now.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday... I am running away from mine I fear this year.


it's a time to do all that, yes. turning forty, for some, seems daunting. but I say embrace it. embrace that you are more strong, solid, secure and still sexy :) you are all that.

Tanya B.

Your words about finding the new, the new everything -- just like poetry. It resonates with me, and my own memories of that 'season' in my life. But, I think I could, in fact, apply quite a bit of that right now!

I also want to eat zucchini and figs - yum! Not in season here, so I'm following the links for music and yarn. :-)


life's never ending phases of change...enjoy...blink...it changes again...


Happy post my friend, and oh so beautiful - glad to hear you are doing so well.

40 is Ok isn't it! New chapters all round. Thinking of you. xx


your words are so eloquent...i see we have similarities in age as i too will turn 40, my son 8, and my daughter 5 this very year...scary to see my kids growing and hoping that as they get older and wiser that they will make the right choices and i, just wanting to keep them safe, will remind myself to breathe, relax,trust, and laugh =)


So many possibilities. Your words are always from the heart. I admire that and you. Happy birthday. I am now 40 years too


Love it Alison


"find a new tune. find a new routine."
a moment of clarity for me. i just have gone back to work an extra day each week and have been clunking around out of rhythm & out of time. i've been trying to dance along to the tune of my old routine - but a new one is playing.... i'll pick it up
thanks allison.


I am a bit older than you and enjoying the second type of silence - the silence that comes when they have left the nest to start their own lives somewhere else. I miss them but they visit often to check out the pantry and freezer and just for hugs and advice. This is a nice time when my husband and I have reclaimed our prechildren life. It is a nice time too - different but nice.

theresa/t does wool

I am late..
Happy Happy year of 40's..
beautiful you..
it will be fine..no falling off...xx

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