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January 12, 2011



It's a wonderful project Al. From the heart, together.
I love it as is, but can't help thinking that even if you can't agree on a way to embellish it further, that he may find a way to do it himself.


Oh wonderful! Maybe patches could be the way to go?


Well, great. Thanks for making me cry! Now I have to go reapply my mascara before I leave for work.

Those first 2 paragraphs broke my heart too.... a very good warning for me, as I tend to make things for Floria at a rate of about 10:1 over the boys. The cut up T-shirt graphic is GENIUS!

Jo Spittler

What a heartwarming part of your life you are sharing. The result is lovely and Max, is he feeling good about it? Shortcoming as a parent - well he is so honest to you and opens up, that is all it is about. As far as Pia is concerned I feel she might even develop that yet. But I don't want to seem to be interfering or a know-it-all. It just touched me so much.


Oh it's perfect. I think boys can be very difficult to make for, my eleven year old loves his quilt and treasures hand knitted socks but we find it harder to agree on the aesthetics of other items.

I empathise with your situation too, my son is the older child, the one who has always been so straightforward, so easy to please and eager to please us. My younger daughter has challenged everything I thought I knew about parenting and yet she certainly receives the majority of hand mades. When Dylan sees her appear on yet another blog post he sometimes rolls his eyes and says jokingly "Oh yes, Tilly again".

Parenting never seems to get any easier, just as we climb one mountain another springs up but know that you are not alone Alison and you are surely doing the best possible job of it.


well done! it is so difficult to get handmade items "right" for our kid, my girls give me drawings, written briefs and choose their yarn, for beanies or fingerless mitts, items that can be interestingly textured or coloured without standing out too much.

wonderful collaborative effort, tell Max we like his style!


sniff, sniff ... 'scuse me while I blow my nose and wipe my tears ... the bag is genius. thanks for sharing ... and try not to disappear again. missed you.


Aw, it's lovely. Perhaps you could put some graffiti on the inside?

Sherman Unkefer

Wonderful project!
You are very creative!
I love this post.


I was asked by one of my boys why don't I ever knit him a jumper (I have three boys who NEVER wear wool... ever. or sweater.. only sweatshirts or fleeces..). I said ok, if I knit him one would he wear it? "oh no, I would just hold it"

Which is sweet... in a way...

Needless to say we're still debating the issue.

lisa s

OH al.... first i can't believe that max is 7... and then.. wow.... what a lovely lovely heartfelt story.

and you did smashingly !


you make me cry and find me out to do the same. maybe we pamper ourself by doing all this items for our daughters. do we try to get closer to our inner child?

regards from berlin
so far a quiet reader, who looks up to you and your work

theresa/t does wool

i love what a beautiful mother you are...you are Al..xx
and that bag..perfect...just perfect.

susan menary

good job MOM!!

now for Max to find a permanent marker to make his mark 'maxstamaxsta' style. (done of course, in the dead of night, when no one is watching, and no one suspects..)


it's funny how we perceive boys not to be so sensitive when actually they really are...my son gets like that too...he never forgets a word you say so i always have to be careful with my words and not go back on them...
what a very nice collaboration between mother and son. bravo for a wonderful job!

Monika Aebischer

Ah Al.. you've touched my heart... I know what you mean.. before Christmas I was pushing myself so hart producing my dolls and forgoing time with Huxley.. then I stopped myself and thought.. here I am making all these dolls for other people to make their own children happy, all the while I push my dear son aside an tell him mami is busy working can't do things right now.. boy, that whipped me into shape...

I can also relate to your quandaries about our adult design astethic and a child's.. boy that's a hard nut to crack.. I make some surprise things for him all as I like it and let him choose some things as he likes it... maybe Max could make some tags that could be hooked onto the sides of the bag with carabiners and these tags could be graffiti, maybe photo prints from some of your back-ally shots?

And you are a good mother... my husband said once that if a mother thinks about her mothering she is already good because she is thinking....

Tanya B.

You're a sweet mom....I love that your son TOLD you how he felt. That says a lot about you, too ;-).


What if you assigned him the task of thinking up 'graffiti', collaborating with you on its appearance and method of application, and either doing it himself or helping you? Encourage him to be creative.

Unfortunately, you've now finished construction of the bag and it's now his to personalise. A bit like a client putting their favourite antique furniture in your stark, minimalise building.


Oh my heart sank (the trembling lips...), and then I loved the conclusion. The bag is great and I hope you will allow a little bit of customisation by the boy himself... or find some amazing pins to add "more" while keeping your creation at it's original state.
And yes, even if they do not wear all the items we make for them, they are counting. Creating per demand is a good thing. The best thing is when they adopt a creation that was not intended to them. B. (almost 7) loves the wristlets I make when I try sock yarn and the toys rarely manage to escape the house. ;-)
XOs and a beautiful 2011 to you and them. :)

suzie sews at Dotty Red

this story really pulled at my heart strings... boys hey, they love their Moms

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