September 01, 2010



oh, I adore - how i wish I had a little girl...
such beautiful work Al xxx


I echo the comment above... I wish I had a little girl... (not that I don't love my three monsters... but still... sewing/knitting little dresses...)



wow, it's beautiful! i'm imagining a small hand rummaging around through treasures collected and deposited in the pocket, identifying each item by feel and memory. beautiful!


This is really lovely - and it does look like the softest of alapacas! What a lucky little girl!


i remember that early exploration vividly (was it really so long ago?) it is so good to see it emerge again here, after its long incubation and refinement. i love this pattern, the shape, the truly excellent pocket. and i wish i could wear this outfit myself :) xo

Lola Nova

It is sublime, just the loveliest of shape and color. If only I could flash sticks myself.
Really well done!
Yes, I think the lost is going around, we'll be found again soon I'm sure.
Beautiful blog.

Ulla V.

You always manage to combine beauty, elegance and fabulous ideas in everything you make.
This is so amazing...truely amazing. I absolutely adore the color, the shape, the pocket..and not least your eye for uniqueness.


So, so beautiful. And is that the twin rabbit?

theresa/t does wool

oh,oh,oh...I cannot tell you Al how much I adore every inch of this~

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Just exhibits that writing through experience brings so a great deal depth and relevance to kinds readers. Thank you for sharing.


just beautiful. i wish i had a little girl to make it for


i would wear this! i love the gathering at the pocket and the ribbon. wonderful job Al.


Wow, really beautiful, i love it !


It is beautiful- wonderful to see and idea realised so successfully. I can imagine sizing being very complicated! Gee, I wish I had a girl child sometimes...


how. truly. amazing.
just incredible. and i love that I can click through and zoom in to it.

little bunny is gorgeous. I have always loved that fabric.

Jacqui Dodds

This is a really beautiful design and how wonderful to have brought it to fruition after all this time.
I can sympathise with you for feeling tired, drained, flat and a little lost.
Sometimes modern life is so busy and complicated that when we get to where we think we have achieved something it often has a flat feeling.
Your work is lovely you should breathe, pat yourself on the back and feel very proud of yourself.


It is delightful

Kelly Fletcher

I wish I was still little... beautiful. Hope you get your groove back soon.


This piece is just beautiful!

Tanya B.

I followed a trail from Elsie Marley's inspiration mosaic (sweet baby in grey top, with red/squirrel skirt) through flickr and over here, and all I can say is Wow. Wow. Wow. I IMMEDIATELY added this sweater dress to my favorites at ravelry...and what I love most - beyond the design, the obvious skill/creativity/talent - is that you share so openly about the push-me-pull-you feelings that come alongside a creative life: creating through fatigue, creating into fatigue....and that part about the pendulum resonates so deeply with me. I love your explanations of knitting details, even though you are openly admitting momentary exhaustion. Hooray for you, hooray for your honesty and hooray that you let other people read (benefit from) it.

Best wishes...:-)

Denise | Chez Danisse



this is beautiful .... can't wait for the pattern.. I will find a little girl to wear it lol..so many nieces


Okay - so I can't knit but I want it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! will pay for supply ( puhlease ) :-)

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