September 16, 2010



Oh my, starting school and starting a new phase of life for you, big, big things. Beautiful photographs Alison, it must be very exciting to see your home in print, you should feel incredibly proud of all that you have achieved.


The day I got a place for my daughter, I cried like a total girl. It was so hard to do.


seems like it has really changed since I visited you there. (unless this is a different house?)

hope you are all well :)


Very exciting for Pia (and you & your family)! Thank you for sharing photos of your home - it's beautiful!! Btw, I received my photo order many weeks ago ... I love the photos and look forward to framing/hanging them as a series in my home.


If it's any consolation on the preschool front, while hypothetically every kid in Victoria is entitled to a place, in many areas there is no one whose job it is to make sure you actually get one. Or that you get one in the town where you actually live.

A friend was recently informed that her daughter will get a place, but it wont be in the town where they live (and where there is a family daycarer who can collect the kid and look after her til the end of the grown up working day) or in the town where the mother works. Bring on universal access I say!

Congratulations on the house.


That is great news! I didn't realise it was like that in NSW. I know it is non compulsory here and therefore technically you may not get a place, but I have not heard of that happening.


Fantastic news! And further to Kate's comment: in Victoria "preschool" is funded for 10 hours per week! For most centres this equates to 3 sessions of just over 3 hours each week - completely useless for anything if any travel is involved. Forget grown up work days. We currently have our fingers crossed that Wil will get a place in the 2 sessions of 5 hours per week program, though as you can imagine places are very very competitive.

When we lived in Thailand Amy attended a preschool like yours - 5 days of 9-3 and she was sooooooo happy there, it was a real wrench to leave. I am sure Pia will fly!!

I hope you don't put too much pressure on yourself to find something fabulous for yourself instantly - I am sure it will take a while to get things moving and I'm sure you will eventually find the right place. It's a great great time - enjoy the imaginings :-)

theresa/t does wool

mmm...beautiful living space...and you use the space wisely Pia...adore...and yes...so good for all of you~


Gosh - 5 days pre-school!
We had one day a week, and 2 days for 4yr olds - fantastic, but an adjustment each week which was obviously harder for some kids than others and again - lucky to get a place. So great that she will have a stimulating environment to grow and flourish and become more independent (for both your sakes).

Looking forward to where all this takes you, and all the best with your beautiful, beautiful house and it's inherent fame. ;)


It must truly seem that life is opening up for you. We were so very lucky to have our 4yo daughter placed in Cycle 1 (3-6ys) of the same Montessori school as her older brother. This child of ours was so desperate to fly and learn - she had dismissed creche because the carers weren't teachers.

Good luck!


That first picture looks like something out of a Toast catalogue.

Chrome warned me that your site contained malware - it's to do with your blogroll I think. If you don't want to lose all your traffic you need to do something about it.

Posie Patchwork

Oh i just wrote something completely fabulous & lost it. Basically i was lucky to get my 4 into 3 & 4y.o. preschools around the country as we moved every 2 years interstate. Embrace every minute, as before you know it you'll be in my situation, eldest starting high school & 4th in year 2!! You'll have a ball, the mums at the school gate are the best ever!! Now mine are all in school for 4 years now, i find i have less time than when they were at home with me, ridiculous i know. All the best, love Posie


Your house! Wow. We've travelled the times with you hearing about the doing up the grey wall, the bathroom, and here it all is coming to fruition.

And marvellous for Pia. Astrid started Kindergarten last week and the change in her already is just magical.


Your house is lovely. Thank you for posting the pictures.
I know your sweet, Pia will thrive in her new school.
And lastly, congratulations on the photo shoot. Hard work does pay. Yay, for good news!

lisa s

i'm dreaming of that preschool moment :)
so glad you are having yours.
and your house looks amazing [who would have thought otherwise]


Oh your house. It is crisp, full of contrast and has clean lines, I like it so.
I'm shocked 'bout the preschool... You'd think a good education comes with a fair and equal start for all - children surely benefit from this. Happy for you that you can start thinking about ('other') work again, a new challenge but I know that you take those on fully and competently.


your house looks amazing!

as far as preschool... that seems ages ago for us. But you're right your life will change—it's a great change for everyone.


Congratulations! Your home is so serene and beautiful; how do you achieve this with two young children?

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I like all this photo and the first photo looks like something catalogue.it Toast is very exciting to see the print at home, you should feel very proud of all that has been achieved.


You're house is Buuuuuuutiful! (How long did it take you to clean before you took the pictures? ;-) it is truly inspirational, thank you for sharing this is AWEsome.


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