March 19, 2010



Alison.You should be extremely proud of yourself for writing these words. It must have been difficult to phrase exactly how you feel. And even though this is probably your crappiest blogging related week because of the impact and emotions it has had on your real life, I am so glad to hear how strong your voice is and how determined you are not to let this instance destroy your reasoning for blogging and sharing your ideas, inspiration, work, and moments of your life. I hope that this mess isn't too long and it can be resolved with the right outcome for all those involved.


It makes me very very angry to think this blog has been up and running for some time. If it wasn't for you Alison, I wouldn't have had any idea this was happening, to you, to me, to all. Your words and expressions are strong, very strong and of how I feel, they will not get away with this and you're right, until this blog is completely deleted, we will not rest.

Thanking for informing me, how dare they use my profile photo.


Beautifully written, Alison. I'm so sorry that this has happened to you. It's all very sad. I hope it's resolved positively soon. xo


This leaves me so saddened this morning. I will hold you up in my thoughts as you fight this battle to keep your work yours. Thank you for sharing this experience and reminding us to be vigilant about holding others accountable! Take care and please keep sharing.

theresa/t does wool

no one could write this as well as you my friend...xxx
so glad to stand beside you and fight this awful intrusion...this crime...to the end.
WE must all be willing to help one another...to make this virtual world...yes...a friendlier place.


I read about this from T yesterday and was so appalled. Your words are perfectly expressing how we should be about these disgusting thefts. We have to stand strong and together.
I love your dress and the drape of the fabric.


This is sad and inexcusable. I am relieved to see that in this case action seems to have won the day as the offending blog has disappeared, let us hope that is an end to it.

The dress is incredible Alison and I fear you may have tickled my Japanese Craft book habit once more. Off to Amazonjp I go......

Susana Estevam

I don't understand this people and how can they think that they can get away with just copying other people property and no one will notice! And even your daughter! That's very creepy!
Alison, as always your words are so true and powerful!


I am sorry this happened to you all. It's not a small thing and it should be fought.


Oh, go Al.


This is so pathetic. I'm sorry that this sort of ugliness has touched you and my good friends.


sorry for the crapass situation. sux big time, girlie.

but the dress and the photo are so breathtakingly beautiful... they're really all I can concentrate on here.


this mess worries me more than a simple theft -- for the same reasons that sooz articulated so well yesterday. there is something deeply wrong and strange going on in that blogger's head.

before the thief's blog was locked, i also saw that s/he had stolen a post (i think from you) about doing some test-sewing with greenolive fabric. wanted to let you know, in case she (martine) and you had missed that one. i am sure that martine would not want her brand and her hard work associated with a thief.


So sorry, Alison. Go, fight, win!


This is such a scary situation! *you go gal!*


I just googled that blog, and clicked on a cache. What I saw was, and I can't even believe it, but plagarism of someone's post about mourning the death of a loved one. With condolences in the comments.

Stealing sucks, but stealing that? There's a special place in hell.


You are so right!
I saw that blog before it was locked - and sent a few "your post/article" have been stolen to the bloggers/journalists I was unsure knew the sad truth.
That was all I tought I could do to help.
I hope you are dealing ok with that s... She(?) is really bad in her mind.
Lots of XOs from Switzerland


i am so sorry. you have given us so much over the years...i cringe to think of how your generousity has been abused. i hope this violation doesn't change your voice here...yet, i think...how can it not?


this just makes me sick - what is wrong with people?


I am very sorry that this has happened to you and the others. Your creativity has inspired me many times (I currently have two of your patterns on needles). Good luck with your fight - you have support behind you.

Mama Urchin

Something like this always makes me so upset. I always tell, I guess I'm a bit of a tattle tale.


oh my god. that is horrendous.


hello Alison...

i have just come from T's blog...
i wanted to come by and say how shocked and appalled i am by what has happened to you and your friends...
it is absolutely disgusting and beyond comprehension...

thankfully the offending blog has been locked for the time being, i do hope it is resolved fully and as quickly as possible for you...

as i said to T, it is heart warming to see such incredible support from the rest of the blogging community, something that we can all be proud of...

keep up the gorgeous work... :)


oh alison. i can't imagine what you're going through. i am so saddened by the deliberateness and the extent to which your identity has been stolen. but i am glad to hear the strength in your voice. something i have not yet mustered up myself...a couple of months ago i started getting very strange and very negative emails and comments about ella...they referred to her medical history (?!) and her race and some were even accusatory...they were all deleted immediately but i fear my voice has been lost through this ordeal and i'm not quite sure how to get it back again. i know this doesn't quite compare to having my identity stolen, but nevertheless your words inspire me to make a stand against destructive and hurtful behavior online.
{and your dress is simply stunning!}


wonderfully written....and I like I told T....it takes a village and our village really fought for what we believe in and this time the good guys win !

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