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March 12, 2010



That sounds very much like my kind of book, and I'm very impressed by the birthday food!


Mmmm - they look great, but then all your photos do.


Sounds excellent and a great motivator to do some planting too. Since missing the summer at home the garden is so bare but I've lost the thread of the seasons somehow and need to go find it again. And Amy may even be inspired enough to get hands dirty and take on some garden jobs for pocket money!


'I Love Food' too. And that book is divine.


we certainly 'love food' in our house, too! And btw, that sounds like it was a very sophisticated 7th birthday!

Nancy Cook

that sounds very good. i'm always in search of healthy well rounded food selections and out of the garden is just perfect as we are going into the season where we will be pulling our food from the front yard. hooray for your sewing and cooking frenzy. fun.


i wasn't going to comment, but as soon as you said, chocolate and cranberry anzac biscuits, i confess my mouth literally started watering! no lie!
and if it gets kids eating something a little more interesting than weet-bix for tea, i'm in!


I'm always up for a giveaway. I know what you mean about the garden, too. I've even gone as far as planning it out - just haven't actually GOT IT DONE. argh. The book sounds great, though. I'll probably get it even if I don't win :)


Those anzacs sound divine! Thanks for the very generous giveaway Al.

You already know that my stomach is the way to my heart ;)


My mouth is watering just by the looks of the biscuits! It sounds like an interesting cookbook well worth the try. Count me in please!!!


Those cookies look amazing! i think i would love this book.


That sounds like a great book, and the cookies look delicious.

(I'm still bitter about missing out on gyoza and ricotta parcels the other night...)


The book sounds great! I love to bake with and for my kids (and husband). Thanks for the giveaway offer.


The book sounds fantastic. I live in a rental and have not been able to plant, but when we own, one of the early things I want to work on is food gardening.

Monika Aebischer

This book sounds like it might just be the one I need in preparation of planning and planting our garden... I'm far away, but gladly pay the postage... if I get lucky.. of course... Thanks Alison for sharing.

Liz Chatwell

The cookies look de-lish...just like some I'd want to bake!

no blog norma

thankyou for offering such a fab giveaway...


Oh, the book sounds wonderful and those cookies look so good! How I wish that I could reach into the web and pull one out right now...

Cass Ward

Oh those bikkies look great and the book sounds wonderful


I would love this book - anything that has little people saying 'yum' to new food must be wonderful.


I'm borrowing gardening books from the library in an effort to educate/inspire me to get a thriving vege garden to grow on my tiny urban plot. I think this book looks like it might take the inspiration to new levels! Thanks for the offer.


sounds wonderful! please put me in the hat :)


Oooh, an edible giveaway! The book sounds just fab


yes, i agree about the benefit of getting kids involved in growing food - a garden is on my wish list too, but maybe i should try some container gardening in the mean time. congratulations on finding meals that both kids actually like!


Meals that are yummy for little people but real food too...something thats been not so easy to achieve, some new ideas would be wonderful

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