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September 30, 2009



mmmm... looks fabulous!



Those pencils are just dangerous. Less dangerous is the ricotta which I may try out soon.


Hmmmm....if only I still lived around the corner - you do know I would be on your doorstep!

theresa/ t does wool

did you say ricotta??...well you know my background...so I know ricotta;))
and this sounds perfectly wonderful Al...and those pencils...why do you have to be such an enabler-LOL?!


thankyou so much - I am going to do this next weekend!!!


I thought we already had words about those pencils. Alison... move away from the computer.


Sounds delicious and inviting- How how much ricotta do you get from 2l? I regularly make a pasta dish with ricotta, olives, garlic, tomato and spinach. Would be quite special to try it with home made ricotta..


I've used the left over liquid to make bread. Hmm I just thought you could spread the ricotta onto the bread and then drizzle with honey.mmmmm




Oh man. Yum! I'm with Kate. This is another one of those posts where I wish so badly you were my neighbor. I would be so okay with 'coincidentally' dropping by around dinner time, you know, just to say "Hi!".....

You know what I ate for dinner tonight? An entire bag of corn chips. Just chips. Does ricotta go with corn chips? :)

chez danisse

I've made paneer and the process is very similar. I had a feeling ricotta would also be a breeze. Thanks--I'll try it!

laurie knowley

I would love to have you join us at http://nepenthe.ning.com,
namaste, laurie xo


I'm now coveting those pencils and the display options, ay! A little too pricey for me. I'll have to make do with my books arranged by color.


Yes... it's looks fabulous and I'm obsessed to ;-)


I made it and it was great - so rewarding to see a whole bowlful of my ricotta - thanks! 2L of milk made 450g of ricotta, although I probably didnt drain quite enough, so probably 400g.
How did the recipe turn it into vanilla ricotta?

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looks delicious !!!!! I love it !!!!!!!!!!!

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