September 04, 2009



I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope you and your family find peace and your "grounding" again soon.


Gorgeous dress - Pia continues to shine in the fashion stakes. I hope your time in limbo gives you a little space and then new inspiration to go forward into a different kind of balance.


Oh Al! So VERY glad you are back. A sensational blouse....I may just need to comission one for myself :)


Alison, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss...there are no words, but I'm sending lots of hugs and warm wishes your way.

Enjoy all of those small moments, walking, planning projects, feeling the sunshine on your face, balance will come...in time.

And this top for Pia, is absolutely stunning! I'm so happy to have a moment to revisit this place and see all of the beauty and inspiration that you bring :)


There is rarely a time when I am not grateful to be living here and now, free of ritual and superstition. But when someone dies, I do. Maybe I am romantacising, but the rituals and traditions of the past surely dealt with this better than our current strange 'the funeral's over, get back to it as if nothing happened' attitude. I often feel like I am dangling, still, between the real world and the place of grief I still live in on a daily basis.


It's good to give body and soul time to recover from intense grief, it takes its toll on all aspects of life. The Victorians with their year of mourning and degrees of black may have been on to something in their repressed and odd way.

The blouse is wonderful - I've seen it on their blog but never realised just how lovely it is. I'm so tempted to try it myself and yes, adult sizes! I suppose if I were motivated enough and clever enough it would be possible but nicer to have them do it for me :)


Welcome back. What a gorgeous little top, the buttons are perfect.

theresa/ t does wool

the top is perfect Al....
Pia looks so adorable in it...
hope you have found a bit of peace and comfort..xx


a beautiful top...if i had time and energy i would like to try and make one for ava
...my condolences to your family


I am sorry for your loss, it has been 2 years since my son passed and there are times even now in which the pain is so great that i can't even talk. But I learned alot from him and i have faced my fears head on. I am now my own boss and I have started a hobby site dedicated to my experiences in sewing called http://www.sewingcouture.com/ SO don't give up but don't suppress your feelings either. Suppressing them will only lead to a much bigger problem down the road.

Take care,


Very beautiful.

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I'm very sorry for your loss. I really like your blog, the photography is gorgeous! I'm really interested in in the sewing pattern you used for the frock in this post. It's out of print now with no hope of a comeback, sadly. Is there any chance you'd like to sell me your copy?

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