July 03, 2009




shoe lace - cat?
petrol cap - gas station...


You write so beautifully. I had a laugh about the disappearing pants. My first child managed to hide my baby silver spoon so well that even when I left and raised all the possible carpet edges it could not be found. And she was only nine months and crawling when she did it. Gorgeous elysium filds material.


Well, you made me laugh. I hope the little cat ones re-materialise!


Gorgeous, and a great post.


I saw these on Flickr and actually thought to myself, "I hope that fabric is still made." Alas...


I can just see little Pia, in her new strides,with that cheeky whimiscal little smile of hers. How Maddie & I will miss it.


I have a box for "good" fabric too. This post really struck a chord with me. Waiting patiently for my new baby to arrive and wondering which of the "good" fabrics I'll get to use.


i love that fabric. and the coral - oh!
hooray for little pyjama pants.


such pretty pants! a good use of such special fabric - what a lucky girl (again!) i recently sewed double-gauze for the first time and look forward to more!

as for the other pants - maybe hiding in a pillowcase? the bedclothes? good mystery.


Such gorgeous fabric and even more gorgeous pants! I really enjoy reading your blog and I know the reason for that! It's your enchanting style... of everything...
My compliments!


Such lovely fabric ... I hope you don't lose anything else!


those are truly adorable!!


Sounds like motherhood to me. Lovely busy times fully of joy and some trials. You are creating such lovely memories for you and your children to be enjoyed both now and in the future.


Perhaps Pia has a hiding spot? When my little A was only 12mths he found his very own Nest. He would collect his 'treasures' and hide them in the hole in the front of the "Subwoofer". I would have to empty it while he slept so as not to spoil his fun ;-) I hope they turn up really soon.


gorgeous! love that fabric!!!! I had to resist buying bolts and bolts of nani iro at the trade show but the colours were all dark and that is just adorable!

everything turns up in our house, eventually...like when you don't need it anymore!!!!!



you selling any of these little wonders on etsy? there's a little girl and boy close to my heart who I think would love these... and coffee/catch-up????


Those pants are so adorable. I love the print.

I can relate to your fear of cutting into treasured fabric. I have a piece of fabric that I bought in 1987 or 1988 that I paid $75/yard for. I have never paid so much for fabric before or since. It is a beautiful wool challis in black and lapis blue. It sits in my mother's cedar chest waiting for the day that I find the perfect pattern and have the courage to make that first cut. :-)

urban craft

There is a land somewhere where all cute things get snatched into. Of course those pants would be there. You may not ever get them back and even I want a pair. Just lovely.


i have a box of fine white cotton and wool that has very similar hopes and dreams tucked away in its folds... it's hard to even pull back the tissue. one day i will just have to go for it, i think.
i hope that these (beautiful!) pajama pants bring some of those sweet moments of laughter. i know that they will. that nani iro is special indeed! (i'm still trying to cut into my bag of fabrics carted home from tokyo as well... thinking about a quilt)

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