July 21, 2009



both images feel infinitely fresh and strong. nice to read a post from you.


A beautifully expressed post. I know just what you mean about expressing thanks through food, I do the very same thing, it's such an important way to connect.

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how true it is about the importance of food. i agree that its the one thing that should be a constant and good, but i too like you when things are not right end up not cooking. i love preparing food for others, it is a wonderful way to say so much without the hard words that sometimes dont come out right. hope the dinner is enjoyed
its nice to read a post from you again, enjoy the re grouping ...


Indeed good food (good sustenance) is such a fantastic way to say thankyou (especially when you are such a good cook).
Glad the pyjamas re-emerged from their hiding place.

theresa/t does wool

Al...you say it so well...and now I will read it again...xx


good to hear that you are getting a bit of breathing time. it will get better, it just has to.


Nice to hear from you. Having a bit of space is lovely isn't it? Take care.


I too have had lack of everything...enjoy your time. I wish the Paris: Made by Hand came out before my trip.


how reassuring that you found comfort in the making and sharing of your goodness with food. And, you totally hit the nail of how, sometimes, we all need time to reorganise not just our thoughts in our heads,but also,in our life.


For a number of months (4, I think) I was in that place you inhabit right now. At the time I was totally immersed in the thinking, hoping, praying. Far too busy to engage in life affirming actions such as providing love and comfort through food. Then I remembered. Life affirming actions are the only way forward. Cooking a meal with love; baking a cake just to be enjoyed; knitting a chocolate brown shawl to wear when the weather turns cold. In my first ever winter without my father.
Mmm. I thought I was strong enough to write that last line; but my face feels wet. But I still encourage you to act for life. It's a joy to behold.
P x
( I realise this is not an ordinary comment for a blog Alison, and will totally understand if you decide not to display it. I really just wanted to explain that people will understand what is happening in your family. P)

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