May 05, 2009



OK, this is a good challenge, since my April seemed to be about too busy to stop.
1. Food - our weekaday lives got a lot busier this past month but I don't want to use that as an excuse not to have lovely, warming, enjoyable food to bring us together each night.
2. Photography - I was getting right into this before April, so I'd like to pick my camera up again and take it for a walk once or twice a week.
3. Studio - a little hut perches halfway down our slope, cluttered with ideas and potential and stuff. So, bit by bit during May, I can find more joy in the bags and shelves of fabric and yarn, the pencils, sketch pads, charcoal and ink.


I'm still thinking about this one- and hoping I can figure something out before the month runs out.

Yours are lovely, especially the food one.


Nice to think about changing things around for a month. Very inspirational.

Snap on the food.
Exploring more vegetarian options and trying to make that a first choice rather than a fallback. Which will be interesting with my little carnivores.

I would like to make myself an actual pair of jeans that fit and pass. Which will involve tinkering with a pattern, but once it's tinkered with it should be a great staple. The hours I've wasted trying on jeans......

And yes, house. Those piles are diabolical arn't they. I never get to the end of them. ever. ever. Reducing the piles is a great thing to make a May goal.

Oh dear - it's down in writing. I'm starting to panic....


I think that my 3 things will be ...
Reading a book, I never give time to reading except for study stuff, so just to read for pleasure.
Knitting socks, a luxury yarn and a pattern from CookieA's new book.
Being out in the garden for a few moments at least in the day, sometimes life is just too busy and I forget!


Loved reading your three things, especially number 1. My three things.
Cook more, read Gourmet magazine for inspiration.
Find a moment each day to spin some fiber.
Take more walks.


lovely reminder.
for me:
allowing myself some t i m e. time to eat lunch at the table rather than the computer. time to flick turn off the computer when the kids are home.
not sure about the others yet. probably some reflection/thankful/prayer type time. i always find that helpful to finish the end of the day positively.
take the dogs for a walk - totally fallen by the wayside at the moment, the poor things!

theresa/t does wool

I have been thinking, since this post went up, just what my three joys might be...I must say, that just having those that I love happy and safe would bring me the first and most joy...secondly, just the joy of being alone...quiet...solitude to think a moment to be, and third...would be to be at the sea,always.


I wanted to let you that I came across a blog earlier that is taking content from web pages & other blogs - posting it as their own work... This post you have here was one that was copied. As an artist myself, this upset me. The link to her blog is: http://kathrnvills.wordpress.com/2007/11/15/joy-shall-we-find/#comments

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