May 19, 2009



Alison, what an absolute treat to meet you at the markets, you are a true inspiration. Thanks for signing the book and for sharing a small part of your very special self in this blog. I look forward to the results of further deadlines.

Kate Dixon

You did, as always, such an amazing job. It is a real testament to your character that you got there. No easy feat considering have two children and this - your craft, is something you do in your spare time.

Put your feet up and machine away and enjoy a WELL earned break...not too long though!

I am so looking forward to seeing shadow box...


Congratulations on being published again. Echo looks very beautiful and intriguing. Glad to see your ideas still are flowing despite arduous deadlines.


I have to go find a copy of the mag..congrats! :)


I'm a little sad not to be in the same city as the markets but I am looking forward to what's coming next.



I wish I could be in sydney for that weekend! your stall looks great, Alison. Congratulations! I am thinking of participating in some markets in Melbourne later this year myself with some new things I am working on... See how I go with meeting my own deadlines, guess :)

theresa/t does wool

so good to step out of your comfort zone and spread your wings...and the magazine...you deserve it...

Hyena In Petticoats

You know, I've been secretly ogling your stash on Ravelry, and I'm looking forward to seeing some divine black socks in the making!

I've been messing around with dye - if I ever manage to perfect the art of the dark dark skein, I'll send you one!

Leah xxx


Alison it was so lovely to meet you and see your gorgeous creations up close. Great to get some photography tips from you too! Enjoy a well earned break :)

shirley lei


Watcher here. I wanted to write a response for the post you wrote about your adorable children, two posts down.

For Max, have you ever considered having him film himself on a camcorder or even on a digital camera, and then watch it together (even if it's a few seconds long) later on in the day? That may help him understand why he could be watching something done during the day but it's nightfall. Also a wonderful creative outlet for him to create his own "fictional" reality TV. Just a thought. Mostly wanted to suggest a way to help him understand TV better. It is indeed a weird concept to grasp. I didn't have as much trouble with that as just a decade ago there weren't things like "reality TV" to confuse me with fictional programming. After all, most programs were fake to begin with. :)



The market sounded great, I really wish I could have been there. I don't know where to get a copy of stitch from here, I must search as it looks such a nice magazine.


omg omg omg the japanese book... !!!!!
so wish i'd been able to come to the markets - they look just incredible.


Hi Alison, well done on the markets, looks like you have lots of support from your followers! we are soo happy to see that..

Your blog is one of the top refering sites for our websites must be a very popular one and I can see why! So congrats on that also..

Cheers, Sarah - Finders Keepers

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