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January 29, 2009


theresa/t does wool

ahhh...wonderful words...wonderful!


Very happy, belated, birthday to you. I am always fascinated by those bloggers who live in such different parts of the world to me. It is so pleasing to read of an entirely different seasonal rhythm, so strange to think of your new school year beginning when ours is right in the middle, of your days being long and warm whilst mine are short and grey. So inspiring.


Peaceful, joyful, plentiful by the sounds of it.

What a great way to start a new year. Happy Birthday. :)

Michelle Dupont

your words are magical... they carrying us all into your world for a moment.
happy belated birthday x

Monika Aebischer

Al, may the coming year be filled with merriment, good health, nice design and laughter. Oh, and of course, bags and bags of golden coins.

Happy Birthday.


so happy your b day was sweet, peaceful and quiet, just the way you like...
happy birthday alison :)


What nice words. I'm glad your day was good, and quiet.


I have to laugh about the 'when can we have cake' - my kids have done the same. Such sweet moments. So glad you had such a great day.


Happy Birthday.

Creature of Habit

"And while I feel it physically, I don't feel anywhere near my age mentally. For one day I put aside all the worries of the world."

Amen to that! (((hugs)))

I hope it was a wonderfully, peaceful birthday!


happy belated birthday - we're a third of our way through the school year over here, with the early-dark nights just starting to get lighter, thank goodness. I've been blogging about my last significant birthday and how it made me feel for a while now. I'm still asking myself what I want to be when i grow up!


every day should be like that shouldn't it. especially the put aside the worries. reading your words just brought a little more peace into my day. happy-day-after-your-birthday too!


happy belated birthday!


What a wonderful birthday description.

Brittany Noel

I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday. Sounds like the perfect day.


happy belated birthday.


It sounds like you had the perfect birthday.
Lovely post...


Happy Belated Birthday

Best Wishes

As we get older - we actually get younger :)


happy (belated) birthday!
It sounds like it was perfect.
My dad says that in his head he is always 12:)


oh good heavens!!
a very happy belated birthday to you Alison!


Here is another post that was taken from your blog.
I thought you would want to know about this...


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