September 09, 2008


theresa/t does wool

“I lived in solitude in the country and noticed how the monotony of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind” Albert Einstein...I see you have been stimulated by the quiet...how wonderful for you.


i'm so glad you're enjoying some child-free time. it's absolutely imperative for a mother! and, i adore your dress. it's beautiful.


Ahh, bliss. Beautiful tunic too (which is something in between a top and a dress and could be either perhaps...)


it's so good with long sleeves.
so good!

and that fabric. now I'm totally jealous of your lotta. and your dress.


oh, and several friends have asked about fold top for adults. several.


The quiet times can be so productive. I love the way you have used the pattern of the fabric, lovely.


glad you have silence to think. the top/dress , i vote dress , is lovely.


You can almost feel the quietness in that dress. Love the subtle accents of colour on the fabric.

Enjoy your quite time!


Maybe sewing feels less decadent because many projects can be finished during the day plus sewing requires you to move around rather than sit quietly in the same spot.


where on earth did you find Lotta in Melbourne? Oh, and I vote for a tunic too – best of both worlds.


I have Lotta's book and I love it--I made the drawstring backpack and use it constantly. I don't sew much, but I love her designs! Oh, I passed a children's clothing shop today (Thompson St. in NYC) and thought of you. Everything in the window was very minimalistic and charcoalgrey/black/neutral etc. Take care--enjoy your calm.


Silence is one of my favorite things! Such a gift! Then again, we need the kids to be able to REALLY enjoy it don't we? lol. My vote is for the tunic!


I'm glad you had some lovely, solitary, productive time.


ah, what I would give for silence... just for moment. I love this tunic, simply beautiful.


I spy with my little eye...
something beginning with L
the Lotta!
that's a perfect use of that fabric Al;
just hints of the motif showing through
very crisp and lovely


Love hear the silence and... find out your lovely blog, and this lovely tunic from inspiring Lotta : )
I have one of her book - simple sewing - yet didn't try a thing.


What a lovely day to have! The dress is lovely and I sort of know what you mean about sewing and knitting, except my sewing time always ends in disaster!


Your post makes me feel lucky to be single - I sometimes wish I had more people around and less quiet time, but at least I have uninterrupted creativity.

Lovely dress/top/tunic by the way!


vote 1: tunic

and I'm so jealous of the gorgeous lotta fabric. What a find!


Wow! I just came by from Hop, Skip, Jump and I must say that I am amazed at your talent!!!

I am especially in awe of this post cause I hear the serene silence. How I long for that! I am still waiting for my hubby to have time to take the girls out and leave me alone just for a little bit. I love them, but mommy needs silence. But til then, I am content with their nap times and my short moments of silence during it.

Keep up the great work!

sarah london

form . follows . flow and days that flow seamlessly are the best!


Your February Lady Sweater is absolutely stunning and has inspired me to make one too. I would absolutely love to use the same yarn you did. I live in London and Habu yarn is not so easy to come by. Would you be able to email the code for the Habu you used? How much did you end up ordering? I'd be really grateful for the information. I've only ever made scarves so this will be my first attempt at making a sweater!
Can't wait!
Thank you for blogging such lovely work.


that dress just shouts spring and summertime to me... so easy and flowy. i bet it would be wonderful belted, too, with a big wide belt and yes, some hot mama new shoes :)
i'm thinking about what you said about a day spent knitting feeling decadent and a day spent sewing feeling productive. i feel the same way! i wonder if it's that sewing is just so much faster, so a day spent at the machine is likely to produce an actual Object, while a day spent knitting, to an outsider, looks like not much at all (though those few inches of a sweater seem tremendous to us). that, and the sewing machine hums in a satisfying way that speaks of productivity, efficiency, and the industrial revolution :)

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