August 12, 2008



I'll be quiet if I can have a piece of streusel too. Hope Pia gets better soon. Cherrie


ooh they look nice.
some sun. we're having a tropical downpour today. haven't seen rain like this since we left auckland. I always find it amusing that Londoners think they own rain. They wouldn't know proper rain if it hit them on the head !


theresa/t does wool

save a muffin for me,and I hope Pia feels better,:-)


that sounds yummy... are the guards going to mind if I join? :)

Creature of Habit

Yum - looks delicious....poor Pia, I hope she is well soon.

Funny sideline - NPR had a little tidbit on Aussie laundry habits the other day and they said most Australians line dry their clothes. It was fascinating to hear the different habits. ;)


Oh yum! Must go bake......


damn, I wish I could bake.
(although then I would would probably weigh 300 lbs....)


sounds like bliss - except for the sick kid bit. Lose the kid and keep the sun, soaking, muffins and knitting - yeah, that sounds like bliss!


HI there, I'm a new reader. Love this blog. Quick question: I clicked on the links to the Japanese childrens clothing books at Amazon in Japan, and now I *must* ask: Do you order these from Japan and read Japanese? Or do you have them from a local bookstore, and just use the diagrams? Hopefully I'm not the 300th person to ask this same silly question; but I'm very curious. Those books look lovely. Muffins look marvey too.


Thanks so much for your quick reply. I'm so glad the Japanese-ordered books can be used without knowing the language. The styles are just so brilliantly simple and so lovely to contemplate. Not having small children to dress, I really want to size-up these devine designs for myself. :>) If you or your readers can share any websites/pattern sources/sewing books that allow adults to design and sew these kinds of things (asymetrical cloaks with hoods, nomadic tunics, comfortable multi-coloured mult-pocketed layered simple dresses etc.) for themselves, let me know.
I already do sew lots of these items (modified "Folkware") but always can cherish new sources. Thanks again for the speedy reply. Love your taste and artistry. :>)


the muffins sound wonderful! i hope you got some knitting done! mine are all asleep here and i'm going to knit now :0)


I can relate. I bought a mini muffin tin the other week and made C some mini blueberry and banana muffins. And some big ones for the larger people in the house too. They got eaten rather quickly.

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