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April 24, 2008



I am about to habu for the first time...


beautifully written as always. i do love the poetry you find interwoven in the making and touching of things.

am thinking of ways that habu lives in my life...


I just ordered my very first Habu kit ever - kit 57....can't wait...I hope I get that same feeling...


to habu.
[and i am loving the lamb linen and the sensory delights therein.]


I like reading when you are verbose... compares nothing to when I go on an Ayn Rand binge though :)
maybe I should make a trip to Habu at some stage here...

Creature of Habit

Well, between this post, Jane's post and Kirsten's pullover.....I am truly inspired. We are going to NYC in a few weeks time and I will be making a stop at Habu.

In particular, I am intrigued by this Shosenshi paper.....


Amen, Alison!
Because this is exactly how I feel and constantly drawn to that HABU, because it is selling not only yarn, but the whole fibery experience... and I am not afraid to compare that after working with these magnificent fibers.. conventional yarn just loses its color and appeal.. like an addict I take Habu "fixes", so I can go on working with regular every day things for designing...
I have just washed my seamed tunic.. buttons are on next =)


Coming to a venue near you:
Habu and the Dichotomous Affairs.

I hear they rock.


this is the most wonderful description, al... the totality of texture and material and movement and you, the maker, as a part of it all. and i love the idea of the verb: to habu.

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