January 13, 2008



Thank you for sharing the process. From the sidelines, it can seem as if these things spring into reality fully formed. It is good to be reminded that all good thigs take time to come to fruition.


lovely. using the abstracted drawing for the printing (got me thinking now...). the colour of the linen. the multiple uses and adaptation. lovely.


oh. and now i get your new banner photo. :)


I only have two words... choo choo!


It is so great working with children and making things for boys. I have only two boys and it was always interesting to make clothing for and with them.
They are teenagers now and next week my son is doing a screen pritning workshop with me.


Thanks for sharing the process too and what a beautiful outcome - I really admire your ability to combine understated elegance with quality in your work.


Beautiful work! I've been wanting to make, or rather buy, some sweet knickers for the boys and these are perfect.

Mama Urchin

I know what you mean about boys clothes. I find them so much harder to make. I really want ot try screenprinting this year.


Awesome! I can't wait to see more.


These pieces are absolutely stunning - such simple yet stylish clothes - it's so hard to find boys clothes that aren't covered in Thomas or Bob the Builder. Ben lives in the same clothes everyday (I buy lots of the same) - white cotton or oatmeal wool-blend long sleeve spencers with plain dark pants, and people always think he's a girl because he is dressed so plainly and simply. But what's wrong with plain and simple? I love these clothes, Alison, they are wonderful - clever you!


Ah so this is what happens to a creative lady when she's happy, huh? I'm loving what you've been making lately. Bravo!


What a lovely process!
My man told me he still remembers a train he drew as little - how everything suddenly seemed to fall into place - lines and circles becoming axels, wheels, starting to move ...
Beautiful work, beautiful blog.
Hello from a new, passionate reader!


beautiful. his sensibility seems very close to yours, before reading this the print reminded me of your drawings and photos. nice.


Very cool! It is so true about boys clothes. I held a subscription to Ottobre for a year in the hope to find some new ideas for boys stuff, but all they showed was the same stuff over and over again. Fiddly and just too time consuming, considering that I can get used top brand boys clothes for a few dollars each. X-mas 2006, when Huxley was 2 1/2, I had him do a scibble that I goccoed onto painting canvas and then used the patches in patchwork bags. This past summer I used some lime-green linen (choosen by Huxley) and used a patch for a pocket on the pants. I love to have a piece of time, a stage of their lives incorporated into clothing that in itself is so ephemeral, especially considering the rough exposure many boys clothes get.


What a great idea!


I can see it in the print too, the train and the flowers. Industrial and organic all at once- a perfect fit!


really lovely. and I love the story:)


what an epic story indeed... and aren't those projects such a release when they come into reality? i really love the idea of using the drawing in these different ways, the path of idea to material and shape and form.

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