December 06, 2007



righteo. i know what is on next week's menu, thank you very much. mmm. i haven't had feta in too long. and the colour of your wool is fabulous. should be perfect served as you suggested...


Mmm gosh I haven't made Risotto for ages- you have me inspired to make yours- it sounds delicious. I'm inspired about that scarf too.


Only at 6.5 stitches would you find a recipe that includes bowl colour.

Aesthetics are an integral part of food service, I know, I know.

But I still laughed my head off.


mmm...sounds delicious...both the yarn and the risotto :)


I make that risotto too.

If you happen to be making it with a child who Will Not Be Ignored hanging around your legs, I have a pumpkin risotto hack:

Roast onions and garlic with the pumpkin, put rice and stock in the rice cooker (where you can forget it without burning the bottom of your saucepans). When the onions and garlic are cooked slice them up more finely, add onions, garlic and pumpkin to the rice when it's nearly cooked. Serve in whatever is clean, remember the fetta at the last minute and add that too, accompanied by bread and a glass of water for He Who Will Not Be Ignored, and wine for the grown ups.

It's not quite the same, but it's still very nice.


Bainbridge is a 10/10-er as far as satisfying knits go : lovely yarn choice for it too : very roasty-toasty and very redolent of Northern Hemisphere firesides or Autumnal Walks.
Seriously sometimes I think if it wasn't for risotto I would starve to death.


yum on both. probably could make the risotto with butternut squash too...I just downloaded the scarf pattern and will be starting that this weekend...I have some soft, buttery yellow silk that might work...or jeepers, I made need to hit the yarn store!


Wow. I sooo want to dig my fingers into that scarf! I have some Manos wasting away to wool-dust (er, I guess that'd be *lint*) and thought I'd make my mom a scarf, so, perhaps tonight (and it's already 9:30 pm) I'll make a go of it. Having never cooked risotto 'successfully', I think I'll give your recipe a go, though the butternut squash is probably more my speed. It's been a 2mg xanax day, weaning a grouchy toddler from his "ba". On second thought, perhaps knitting 'intoxicated' would be a hideous waste of wool-lint right now. You go have a creative and glorious day... I gotta go lie down *slides under computer desk*... Cami


gorgeous color, going to be very flattering to wear.


can't wait to see it finished!


I was writing amazingly clever and fun blog posts in my head all last year too. Now I don't even do that anymore. I feel a little relieved in truth. Highschool on top of work and three little children makes enough good excuses to be a lousy blogger!
But it will get better, for you too. Any way your photos are beautiful enough to stun us and transforum us into stone. No need to talk when you add amazing light, lovely wool, nice deep colour, clever and beautiful pattern and a charming girl on top of this!


that risotto has my mouth watering... e is not a risotto fan (horrors!) so i think i should find some small silver lining in the long-distance times and make it more often, just for me. roasted pumpkin... mmmm. and so perfectly suited to the delicious colors of that scarf. xox

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