November 22, 2007



oh dear... thinking of you Alison - hoping that everything gets easier, calmer, more balanced. I wish I could help. I wish someone could help me on days like this too. Tomorrow will be better - or the next - soon x [hugs]


I don't want to confuse anyone any more than necessary, but I have to jump in here and comment on my own post, that this wasn't a bad day - it was in fact a very ordinary day for us, apart from the vomiting, but even that seems to be par for the course these days becuase Pia is a champion spewer it seems. It wasn't a wonderful magic evening like last year, but it wasn't dreadful either - just different, and I like that contrast between the two days.

That was what I was trying to get across, just the contrast.

I apologise - because I didn't mean for it to be taken any other way, and I'm sorry if that's how it reads.


Maybe I'm caught up in the spirit of things around here, but it sounds to my like you are just Thankful for the bounty around you. *sniff* Well, except for maybe the spewing...lol...not that! How nice that with all the changes around you lately, you were able to steal a little moment to reflect!



The days are the pieces of life. I can imagine the light and the ambient sounds. Today is Thanksgiving and I'm sick, so we are eating what is in the house, it is also just a day, a piece of the bigger whole, to watch and absorb.

take care :)


this did not come through to me at all as a bad day. i like your reflection here. and really noticed your words about your son's concepts of structural stability needing to develop to keep up with his imagination. i think life is like that for a lot of us. we all have things that need developing and our frustration places point to where we need to develop.

one of the reasons i love your blog is because you show us how you are developing. i've felt lately you seem calmer, stronger, happier. it's nice that you let us see this.

on the knitting - i just got out my Torii book to look up the short sweater. looks like it will be lovely in this lamb linen.


Started reading, thought I should go back on read last year's post, got side tracked with Sounds of Then and I wonder where the afternoon goes to. Beautifully written - there is a sense of calmness enveloping me - thank you on this Friday afternoon when I too am tired and cranky.


I love the way you describe this day- quiet and yet rich with life. You mentioned on my flickr page weaving as a child-do you weave now or have any interest in taking it up again? Look forward to seeing more of the short sweater.


reading this and i am there with you, on that warm afternoon, waiting for rain, in that light, hearing that silence. xox

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