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October 21, 2007



That was really, really, fast, and you might actually, instead of altering (sewing? really?) think about knitting it again to your specs. Is that a crazy idea?


It is really lovely, even if it doesn't fit as you would like. Is it too boxy?
the yarn is gorgeous.


i can't comment on how it looks|feels when worn, but it does look gorgeous in this picture - i love the color, the folds, the shadows...

that being said, it's better to experiment with the button placement or consider how to 'alter' it, so that you are entirely happy with it :: then it can truly be a safe, comfy little cocoon for you to wrap yourself in :)


speed knitter, girl, i tell you! i'm with ali, the picture looks fabulous and i just love the colour & wool texture. stunning. [this will probably be next on my 'habu list of love' to make!]


Wow, that was fast, so good to see it finished!
Will we get to see it at SSK for a full appraisal? :)


it looks fantastic on the hanger.

interested to see what it looks like on you.

the fashion magazines are showing sweaters belted this year. even prada sweaters. on me this would look silly as i don't have the right shape for it. it might work for you though.


I think things only look Better Than Great in our minds, or perhaps in someone else's eyes. To us, we can always see the flaws, the room for improvement...


i think it looks lovely...


I love it :)

Will you be modeling it as well? I would love to see more photos!



I have zillions of buttons and spend a lot of time going through them, checking out all the possibilities before making the final decision. This is a lovely piece and while I'm not a perfectionist, the details can make or break it. Of course, you know that!

How about lining the buttons up in a vertical row calling more attention to the folds? Maybe 2 larger buttons?


hmmm... it is truly lovely on the hanger... but i agree with your other comments that you must model it, shy one, for a full evaluation :)


That was fast! And on the hanger, it looks better than great...


I love it and wish, yet again, I could knit. I love the colour, the way it hangs and you finished it so quickly.


Perhaps you should just give it to me.

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