October 29, 2007


Nancy Cook

lovely post
we spent some time cooking some nice meals as well this weekend
a vegetable curry in coconut milk with cashews and mint
spinach and ricotta empanadas
pumpkin spice mini cakes
it makes all the difference doesn't it?
i will have to take your advice on the swan song someday
the setting of your weekend sounds divine


sounds like a wonderful weekend!
we went on a hike this weekend and saw a trumpeter swan family -a mother, father and grey signet. L was thrilled, as the trumpet of the swan is his favorite book:)


Oh, gorgeous.


sounds like an utterly divine weekend...and your description of the food is making my mouth water at the very thought :)


Mmmm, sounds lovely. Thank you for sharing those precious moments.


Oh how I wish I was there with you. Lovely post.


You sound so relaxed and clam for it Al.
I haven't heard swans singing in chorus before, but you are so right about listening- really listening- to the sounds of nature around us.
You're reminded me of an amazing great bird encounter we had recently, when an owl woke us up one night, making it's call, over and over, from a perch on the gutter near our bedroom window. At first I was annoyed to be woken up by this constant repeated sound (it really didn't sound like a bird), and then angry as it continued over and over, wanting to know what it was and needing to stop it or quieten it somehow. But when we stumbled outside, torch in hand, and spotted it, we were filled with amazement and wonder and delight that it had chosen our home to rest on during it's evening hunt, and excited that it is able to live in the suburbs with us.


how beautiful. what a lovely weekend.


how beautiful. what a lovely weekend.


sound fabulous and uplifting - thanks for sharing


it sounds like a perfect weekend . . .


what a lovely post. especially the part about the birds.

and the photo is so delicate. i've been looking a lot at the light in your photos and wondering how you do this. i would think the light in your part of the world is as merciless as it is in mine and yet you seem to get images with so much softness to them.

glad you had a good weekend.


And did it make you wonder why we live in the city? Those sorts of idyllic weekends away usually bring that question to mind immediately


Ah how precious it is to be with nature. There really is nothing better than sitting quietly and being in nature. Good food comes a very close second. It sounds like the perfect weekend of simply being.

I love the pieces you collected too.

lisa s

oh that sounds lovely... esp the smell of gardenias. sigh


*bird calls*.
*breeze in the leaves*.

the sounds of refreshment. and restoration.



I wish it was spring here too. I have been sleepy all day. I wish I could just walk away from work in those kind of days. I am not really productive anyway!

It is wonderful to know that somewhere the days are getting longer.

Anyway I have been breathing very deeply today. It is those profound "sigh" you know? :)

I think I will go find a flower to grow inside the home tomorrow. A big scented one!


I think that magpie warbling has to be the most beautiful sound in the universe. But only if you are already listening - if you can sort of let yourself go with it, to ride on the sound...


Such a poignant post - and it's what I really needed to read today - thank you.

Too often we forget to be in the moment - kids and life make us rush faster and faster headlong into the next chore without gentle breathing time, which is necessary for all. Holidays become an activity-fest to make the rest of life more relaxed but it never works out that way.

Must breathe, and reflect, and listen to birds. Again, thanks.


what a lovely post. your rust series is absolutly beautiful. i too have become facinated with rust, and have started to collect fragments. thanks so much for your lovely inspiration.


Sounds like you had the unwind you needed.

My gardenia started flowering this week as well (bliss), and with the Jacarandas, the arrival of the Koels, and the first cicadas of the season, summer is surely upon us.

Except for this damn rain...

tea time and roses

Thanks for sharing those lovely moments... Beautiful post...




i am catching up again my friend. this post took me away for a beautiful moment, to that place of quiet and beauty and bird songs... yes to the swan songs, and good food and nature. and to being present in *now* (why is that always so hard?). and gardenias... my favorite flower. pure summer goodness.

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