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August 17, 2007


Mama Urchin

Wow, it looks like it will be wonderful!


Oooh, dam'you marm! I promised I wouldn't buy any more patterns - you are a temptress, Alison!


Lovely pattern. I've just downloaded. Thank you!


Just ordered it. Thanks for sharing this lovely pattern!


Beautiful pattern, just ordered it. Many thanks


Thanks for such a lovely pattern (ordered - downloaded - got it!). Just beautiful!


Lovely! I am perusing the pattern now and seeing how I can modify it for a 4T and up. I think this is really lovely Allison. Thanks!!


Be still my lazy knitter's heart. I was excited about Di's pattern since it meant I wouldn't have to completely wing an attempt at the pattern myself (I tried to find a copy of the July 2005 Australian Family Circle, I really did) but the fact that you've done that and sized it up to 3T has me over the moon. Mwah. Mwah. That's me kissing your toes.


Hey hey nice work al. Gotta start a flickr group for these! nx


So pretty - thank you!


This is so beautiful. I may need to start knitting, among all my other things.


hi! Don't take this as bad criticism, just trying to be helpful! I am a lurker and love all the things you make and Pia models. I just wondered if you could put the pricing on the page you sned us to, instead of waiting until we click over to PayPal? Just a matter of convenience. Also, a typo on your description the word "Diagramtic". But it looks great and I just may get it! Friend has a baby due in October.


so very happy you are now pattern selling. i love that sweater, the flexibility and simplicity can suit any special baby, or two, in my case.. i think i will have to cast on for the 2T as i have no idea when i can really get down to it, but i am looking forward to this knit more than any other before.


Oh how exciting!!!


this is a gorgeous piece. how much is the pattern?


I really miss Family Circle, what did they have to stop publishing it? Might have to get this pattern for my as-yet-unborn niece/nephew in England.


Thanks for this - I have searched for that Family Circle with no luck so I appreciate all your pattern writing work!


I love the baby cardigan, and the color is just perfect.


yay! thanks alison!

Pip C

Wow. I don't even knit, but I must have this. They are just too sublime :)

kim at allconsuming

I have no idea what all that meant, but it is a very lovely cardy and I am enjoying the fabric underneath it as well.


it's lovely, but I think I will hold out to purchase the Sumidity pattern!


I turn my back for one little minute (okay, three days, but the shop just opened, and I'm still bewildered) and you go and do something fabulous again. Can't wait to get several copies of the pattern, as I think you'll have a huge 'fan club' once this gets loosed over here. And all that 'toe kissing' you've been getting... put me down as paying my respects, as well... "We're not worthy" comes to mind, too. Have a fantastic day/evening. I'm off to open the shop for my first ever 'retail weekend'. (Yes, I've packed the xanax) Cami


That looks fantastic. I'm in the middle of knitting the Family Circle version, I wish I'd waited and done your one instead because I'm sure it's much more clearly written - it will have to be next!


how exciting! Steps into the unknown are good aren't they :)

I might just have to learn to knit once I've built my shop - I'll need something to relax with.

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