July 16, 2007



pia is gorgeous. what i don't understand as the mother of two boys called girls (even the four-year old) is why people when corrected always get semi-defense or apologize. i don't really care what they think of my boys but i just feel dishonest not to gently tell them that their guess about gender was incorrect. then it is always "i'm sorry" or "he's wearing orange/green/red/white/black....". anyway, lovely outfit.


I LOVE the outfit- She's exceptionally stylish in my book. But that's largely due to the fact that she's got such a stylish and talented mum!


She looks gorgeous. Makes me wish I had a girl to dress her up in wrinkly tights and layered tops. In fact, I wish I was dressed up in wrinkly tights and layered tops....


oh my! she looks so darling!! i agree girls don't always need to wear pink...it's just we do get a lot of pink baby clothes once friends found out we're having a babygirl!!


But she looks so nice! Maybe it's because you've dressed her as a person, not a baby girl - imagine her outfit on a twelve year old, or a twenty year old for that matter, it'd be edgy and neat - as it is on her. I think people are used to dressing up their babies to be all cutesy-wutesy - like, despite practicality, baby tees are always pastel or white - what's wrong with a baby in a black tee, for heavens' sake?

Either way, Pia looks wonderful.


People frequently say to me (after mistaking my daughter for a boy) 'Oh yes, I can see that now I look at her face'. So what I don't understand is - are they just placating me? Or why don't they just look at her properly to begin with?!

Gorgeous outfit on Pia above. I too do the skirt or dress over leggings - though I (mostly) loathe that look on grown women!


We ran into this with both our kids. Born with short, slow growing blond hair and kept free of pink (at least until they start picking it) they have both been called boys many times. I also can't bring myself to put a dress/skirt on someone who can't walk. It's got to do with watching frustrated little girls trying desperately to move while crawling in their skirts.


I was asked if my 18 mo son was a girl or a boy when he was wearing blue and red overalls.

I've also had my daughter called a boy when wearing a floral purple outfit.

What can we say!


I have two girls, both of whom I consider absolute beauties, and even dressed in pink, wearing skirts or dresses, people would still ask if they were boys or girls. I think some just don't think or look - honestly Pia is gorgeous, how could they not know.


My little girl was mistaken for a boy all of the time - even when she would be in pick with clips in (she actually had hair) I like to dress her in other colours other than pinks and purples as well. One day she will be able to say "NO I AM A GIRL!"


Pia is super stylin'! My brother was mistaken for a girl until he was about 13.


she looks like a girl to me! so beautiful whith that outfit :D


My eldest (bald) boy baby was always referred to as a boy, and my equally bald baby girl was too. But my curly blonde-haired little boy (now nearly five) was frequently thought to be a girl. "Isn't she sweet!" people would declare. "Yes, he is," I would respond, smiling.

The good thing is that the entirely gorgeous Pia is too young to care. It can get more difficult as they get older. I get asked how old is my younger son when I am out with my eldest two children. My now 12 year old son hasn't had his growth spurt now, and people think he younger than my nine year old daughter - they're about the sam size.


I agree that she is totally adorable. I was often called a boy when I was little because my family found it easier to keep my hair short than fight with me to brush it (curly = knots) and because I wore my brothers hand-me-down clothes. However, I wasn't particularly boyish and wasn't a true tomboy although I had many friends that were boys when I was little and could play just as easily with them as with girls. I liked both trucks and dolls. I suspect that I was exceedingly well-adjusted and happy because I was so well loved - as I am sure your Pia is as too. It really had nothing to do with what I wore or how I looked.


Well anyone who really looks would notice what a pretty girl she is. Stupid jerks.
I had a recent experience with this but with my 4 year old son who was dressed all boyish.

Jennie McClelland

Oh, first time lurker to your blog . . . i used to take it as a compliment that my girls looked strong & healthy if people thought they were boys. I guess after 3 girls, they assumed ONE had to be a boy (in the case of having one toddler & twin babies). Then we had a son & he could not have been MORE like a boy, broody & broad, it did make me wonder how anyone could have confused one of our 3 princesses as male. Society is pretty genderless anyway. Then again, someone told my sister what a handsome boy her daughter was, hello, dressed in head to toe pink, she fled the shopping centre in tears & drove home. Pel-ease!! You can't loose the thick skin you had to develope while pregnant - remember, people pointing, laughing at your bump, lunging to touch your belly . . . all those intrusive questions, just wait until you get them to a competitive preschool!! Enjoy, you know she's a girl!! Love Posie


she is gorgeous. her clothes are gorgeous. she will grow up knowing what style is, and appreciating hopefully that she had beautiful handmade items.

don't sweat the small stuff. ;-)


When my sister FINALLY had a girl, someone sent her one of those hideous lace headbands with a flower on it and she took a picture of her daughter in it and sent out an email that said "take a good look people, because you will NEVER see it again" and then threw it out.....lol....I thought that was hilarious.
She ended up starting her own DIY clothing line because so much of the kid clothing out there is crap. She is sort of into the girly thing (after 2 very "boy" boys) and likes dresses on her daughter - a lot. But not Pink.


I had the same experience with my daughter. Keira is our 4th child, she followed 3 boys so I was WILD when someone thought she was a boy! And she is very fair and had little hair until she was 3! so I sympathize...
Pia is a little dolly. Ilove her outfit.

And now that Keira is 13, no one confuses her with one of her brother:)

Cheryl Dack

DARLING! And your shop sold out already! Congratulations. I think you're onto something, my friend!
Hugs to you....cheryl

Beth in Seattle

As a baby I was nearly bald until I was over 2 years old. My mother would dress me in the frilliest pink dress she could find - and still people would tell her she had the cutest little boy. Go figure. No matter what you do - it's bound to happen. I think Pia looks like an adorable little girl in that sweet skirt.

Beth in Seattle

As a baby I was nearly bald until I was over 2 years old. My mother would dress me in the frilliest pink dress she could find - and still people would tell her she had the cutest little boy. Go figure. No matter what you do - it's bound to happen. I think Pia looks like an adorable little girl in that sweet skirt.

Dana Lynne

No way would your Pia be mistaken for a boy!? Really? She has crazy beautiful fine features. And the skirt. Oh, the skirt. I am a pink skirt loving mama (guilty) - but I have been convinced. Red and grey and stylish all over. Lovin' it.


My embarrassment and shame has no words nor bounds. I'm just catching up on you and cannot believe what I've missed.
In any case, this made me laugh. Ivana has the same 'problem'. One time, I put her in the frilliest, pinkiest clothes I could find (all gifts, natch) and she was still called a boy. It appears what confused people was that she was ... in a .. blue stroller. Even when her hair was long, it wasn't quite clear, apparently. But we don't dress them for 'people', do we, it's all for us! It is somewhat annoying though, even if it doesn't matter. The part that annoys me is the expectation that she should be in pink so people know what 'it' is. Eh.


i'm baffled. this particular outfit shouts "girl" to me. (a skirt and a kimono top!) but more than that, it shouts "this would be amazing in an adult size and if it were so amisha would wear it every single day." :)

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