June 06, 2007




Tomorrow is another day :)


Oh Honey. I know just about how you feel. Howling, crying, travelling, grime. Wool everywhere. No sleep. CAll in hwatever resources you can marshall. We are all pulling for you. And the Prada will make it a wee bit better, I promise. For me it was Vuitton and I hear that Prada works just as well.


oh god.

The other week I made Polly a card that said "Happy Shit Week". I think you need one too.


Oh dear.
Maybe some wine or chocolate will help?
Or maybe some fabric purchasing... yes I think that will do it.


As I read this Little Miss Davis is howling herslef to sleep. For 1.5 hours now. No to the breast. No to the bottle. No to rocking reading patting singing...just NO DAMMIT. Not sure why going to sleep is so hard for this 10 month old.

Though it will bring no change in your reality, take solace in the fact that you are not alone. That and the fact that if there is NOT Prada (and I mean all of it, every last thing on the list) in the suitcase when he comes home, you have a free ticket to purchase whatever you please.

NYC loft livin' is not as romatic as it sounds.


Get yourself reacquainted with that old camera of yours and forget about the macro...
Hope you are better today!


I don't know how old Max is, but when my nearly 2 year old nephew wakes at 4am he is handed some books and told to read quietly til morning.

My baby also wails at his inability to crawl. God it's annoying. As Kaz Cooke says, 'get out of the house, you're much less likely to do something awful to them in public'. Or words to that effect.


Oh, I forgot to mention yesterday...
We got a great Applied Ecologist(non-toxic pest control) to see to our pest issues when we moved and he used Pyrethrum for the silverfish + it worked!
Can pass on his details if you're interested.
Hope things are a bit better.


I would come over and help you, if you'd let me play with your Habu.



Wine helps.


You need the cookbook ZEST by Marie Claire and cook the Mandarine Cake. Easy to make, you can lash it with double cream and it will feed the inner self. I guarantee you will feel sooo much better after consumming it and you wont care what the world throws at you.


Oh dear... I'm in London and will quite happily hunt your hubbie down and drag him to the Prada shop if you so desire.... he would no doubt think it very odd that some strange kiwi woman who has never met him or his wife has hunted him down in the middle of London! hang in there you'll get some sleep soon and Pia will discover her balance and walk...


How my! I am with you here. Keep breathing ok? I wish you a quieter evening.


well, all I can say to that is...hugs, you need em...it'll all be ok. It sounds like you're having a rough ole time but somehow you're posts still have humour...you have a sense of humour i just get.


Been there. Done that. Big sympathetic hugs! I'll send you peaceful thoughts from the other side of the world.


It sounds like maybe you are considering Neuroma surgery (I could be wrong), but if that is the case please try these orthotics first (http://www.theta-orthotics.com/index.html). I had Morton's Neuroma in both feet, and have been wearing these things for three years. The pain is almost completely gone, and I can even wear heels occasionally again. I hear Neuroma surgery is a bad deal for a lot of people, and didn't want it for myself. Good luck.


P.S. I type this with one hand as my baby is screaming in my lap -you are not alone!


I hope you have recovered slightly from your nervous breakdown. ;) Never mind the crumbs. Just try to get some more sleep and whatever edibles you can find.


My husband is away too. My house is a mess & the kids have gone mad. At least you have jam to show for it...


feel better soon. take care.


Thank you for your comment to my similar post a little while back. I've been remiss in not visiting most blogs this month, and I didn't see this until today. I can only say I know how you feel, sister.


oh dear. only you could write about a day like this so perfectly, with the perfect image to go along with. i am hoping that things are getting better, that the desired prada items were procured, and that max is eating now... i will read on. xxx

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