June 06, 2007



Oh -I feel your pain. But can I just say that this is one of the most hilarious things I have read in a long time?


I understand, if not exactly, at least metaphorically the kind of shite day you seem to be having. I imagine it's of little comfort but I still feel compelled to tell you that you're not alone. You are NOT alone, Alison. Today sucks and perhaps tomorrow will too, but eventually the clouds will part and the angels will sing from on high... or, you know, at least things wont suck quite so bad. It WILL happen, dammit, it will.


Don't you sometimes get the feeling you shouldn't get out of bed (if only that was an option!). So much of your post gives me a wry smile, because some of the same things are happening here now, just not all at once, thank heavens! Martha was right, very entertaining reading!


Aaaiiiieeeee, don't days like that make you want to start howling and never stop? Hold on. And I hope you get your prada.


Sorry Al...but I giggled a little. I can picture ALL of that in my head. YES Guilt Albert to Prada....


You've just made my day seem positively lovely even though I'm sitting in the freezing cold with all the windows open as the girls turned on the oven just before we went out and I'm still trying to get all the gas out, but at least I've had sleep - with sleep you can manage anything so hope you get some soon.


I do feel your pain - the husband went on a trip sunday early morning and left me w/ two kids but at night - the night before I had to go to work, my mom came - she's a life saver...

lisa s

hugs. maybe you should howl back???


I feel like that a lot of days. Hope your day gets better. xx


I have been here too, but could never have expressed it so well!

And if husbands think that they can go away (even if it is on business) without bringing back half decent gifts then they can think again! .... it took a while, but eventually mine got the message!


I didn't laugh.

Not once.

I have my sympathetic Pooh Bear face on.

Jane Barber

When I saw your last post I was amazed to see Pia crawling- where does the time go?
Now I read that she isn't quite, but I still think it's amazing. I've had days like yours, but this summer the youngest of my four children will leave to go to university and i just can't believe that family life, as I know it, is all but over.I'm proud of what my kids are beginning to achieve as young adults, and looking forward to more "me " time, but if I'm honest, I would do it all again (including the cereal on the floor and the sleepless nights)and treasure every moment, because when you look back it dosnt really last very long


oh gosh,,, the only way is up, yes?


harrumph! how is it okay for husband's to go o/s without lovely wives(to shop and look good in new purchases)?? damn. hope you have some local help - no? just for a wee time? thoughts are with you...


Oh god you poor thing, that will be the sleep deprivation talking
It will pass
But in the meantime, maybe you need a Prada floor cleaner, lunch preparer and knitting saver.
They make those don't they?


Oh noes
It sounds like a hole in the road day- the day when all the holes with water in them are the ones you step in.
I only have one bit of advice - Send Albert To Prada NOW and tell him to get everything on your list or else.
p.s. little people eventually walk and stop jumping off things and then they learn to make mummy cups of tea and breaky in bed - something to look forward to.
p.p.s my sister got a emergency pack for her birthday yesterday - two match box cars, one for miss5 and one for mr3, and a block of chocolate - she used it today. That is what you need. good luck

Mama Urchin

Oh my. I hope today you wake up and it's 7am and the kids are still sleeping and you can just breathe the quiet air for one moment.


Thank you for sharing and showing so much of you and the honesty of what it is like on some days! Don't worry about the mess, kids grow up anyway and mom can always clean it after she gets some sleep. I also love the idea of you howling back. Take you're babes into the wild and give youself a big screaming session.

Alicia A.

Good grief. That is a lot to deal with. Hang in there!


oh darling. hugs.


I'm having a day similar to yours, including the foot pain.

I hope your day gets better.


Oh man, that sounds terrible! Hopefully things will calm down soon! However, I think there are probably few things in life that can't be fixed with a little Prada...


sorry to hear such chaos. you put it in such a comical writing i had to smile! i've never heard a child howled, hmm. anyway think of all the lovely prada you might be getting.

Anne Marie

Ohhh, my stomach hurts from laughing... Thanks for sharing such an exhausting day with us. Made me feel that I am not alone (about having days like that).


Oh dear. I really really wish we lived on the same continent so I could swoop in and help a bit.

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