June 08, 2007



oh, so very sorry for your crazy day...it is tomorrow now so it is to be better. the buttons and knits are beautiful, could that be a bright spot?


I bought a load of spice jars once, and carefully glass painted the names of the herbs and spices they were going to contain. Then I put them all into the oven to set the paint.
Including the lids with the rubber seals.
*%*$ !
Come to think of it - that was when Molly was about 6 months old.
Just blame it on the kids.
Bloody kids.


surely! After the rain comes the sunshine. Courage!


with all that is going on it's so nice to take comfort in the small things like the beauty you found and share in your wool and buttons. with sun, some rest, and, of course the basic need of running water things will right themselves.

Mama Urchin

I hope that Prada bag is REALLY big.


The silver lining in all this? Karma is gonna owe you big. Big, I tell you.

Let me know when you're in the clear for running away. Life has been so peachy here, I might just fly to the other side of the world to run away with you.

Stay strong. That's my new mantra.


it will. I hope. and still the humour is there :)

lovely buttons x


Oh man, it surely will get better! I hope today finds you with sunshine and a hot shower! Sending big (((((Hugs))))


oh man, it's just coming at you from all directions. Tomorrow will be better!


of course it gets better...always after the storm ;)

Lee Ann

It has to get better. It's coming at me from all directions here too, and you and I both are due for a karma upgrade, I think...

Big hugs to you, Alison. May the water find its way to your showerhead very, very soon.


I keep coming up with suggestions in my head - answers, quick fixes,but then I realised thats not what you need, you know the answers, you just need support - so here we all are sending supportive thoughts your way - hope things improve soon my friend.


oh dear... i think the prada bag needs to come complete with prada clothing to match! hope things get better soon my friend...


Poor you, we too live in an old house in Sydney, although it is the newish extension causing us the grief in this weather. This morning we woke to the rain sheeting over the back lawn and almost in the back door. The angle of the rain had also come in under another door where it was being soaked up by the blue rag rug and in turn up the curtains. I now have the curtains soaking in nappy soaker to eradicate the blue dye.


oh no... what a bizarre thing to happen. Email or ring us if there's anything we can do - you could bring the children over for a bath, maybe...?

michelle giacobello

What a horrible week you're having.

I used to think there were signs in consistent horrors like that - now I know sometimes the person in charge just has a poor sense of humour.

Hope things improve soon, and wishing you smiles and a nice hot shower with someone else to mind the kids while you have it.


Oh dear. What a week you're having.


Oh it surely must get better after all of this bad luck right?!

I can't believe what a week you are having, and you sound so remarkably calm.....

I totally sympathize with the lack of water...I know it well, my parents well runs dry for about 3 weeks every summer...

I hope the luck and the plumbing changes soon.


hello, Today you are chatted about in the weekend magazine thats comes with the Sunday Age. I was sooo excited for you and did lots og OMG OMG I "know" this person which the kids did not find impressive at all. I guess i should really say "I lurk this person ".
Well done !!!! and I hope the weather breaks soon


hi I read about this site in a life magazine at the weekend can anyone join to talk to people who like knitting and craft

Dana Lynne

ah. yes. lack of water (or the threat of impending lack of water) would give me the crazies for sure.
I've lurked briefly before, and always wish I could sit and read your blog a bit longer. It is so balanced, so serene. And then to see you clearly have incredibly trying, sleepless days and nights just like so many others? Well, that just made you one of my favorite blog writers ever. Thanks for sharing this bit of your life!


well this is the first time i've come to your blog, but immediately my heart goes out to you. what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. sincerely hoping you have water today.

kathy boyer

New to your blog. came from Ling's . She sounds so pregnancy tired and overwhelmed. WOn't you leave her some encouragement? It may help you feel good


Yes! this too shall pass!


You have a short memory.

The hail storms that hit Sydney in the April of 2000 were horrific and far more damage sustained than this weekend just gone.

Our power was out for 12 hours, hail stones the size of tennis balls smashed the skylights, allowing torrents of water inside the house, the car sustained sizeable dents and our Erskineville streets were under three inches of water.

This weekend just gone compared to that? Not even a blip, my dear. Not even a blip.

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