May 14, 2007



did something happen when i wasn't looking. did you bleach that scarf and then change the photograph (like i do) cause i remember that scarf as all one color. looks great bleached!

glad to hear you are back in the loop and going to do something for yourself.

i called Habu today to clarify something about my order and they were so nice on the phone. when i mentioned i was going to post something on my blog when i finished the kit they said please e-mail us and let us know when it's up so we can see. how cool is that.


Glad you're feeling a bit better; sick is the pits!
Grown up Sumidity I hear you say?
I doubt you'd want the Slowest Knitter in The World, othewise known as the SKTW, otherwise known as moi to be a test knitter, much as I would love to! You'd be waiting til 2009 for the stats to come in on that one.
And I forgot to comment on the bleach scarf, thanks for reminding me. I remember that scrummy fabric you showed us a while back and was wondering what you were going to make with it.
It's perfect.
And the VBB? (very big button) even more perfect.


I've been eyeing off that Stainless Steel Jacket - it looks fantastic - definitely time to do something for yourself.


Grownup version! Grownup version!


ooo, that stainless steel jacket is sensational! wow. i am coveting... and also keen on the grownup version.


a pattern for that lovely sweater...yay!


oh yes, backlog. i'm trying to clear mine out too, though i feel that i would move more quickly had i some lovely for-me habu knits tempting me at the end of the road :) you are inspiring me with yours and i'm wishing we were going into a colder season here too.
that said, i would be so happy to test knit for you if you still need someone. i love that design so so much.

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