December 05, 2006



i always find the short row deal leaves more of a hole at the ultimate heel join than the dutch/peasant/and other heels. so i figure why bother doing all the short row work if you have to go back later and "fix" the hole from the back :)


I'm just starting a pair of slippers and closer inspection of the pattern reveals short rows. Similarly clueless. I have no idea what the 'wrap' thing is all about...but now there's dutch peasants??!!!


I know. Life is complicated.


Short rows are not so very rocket-science-y, I think.

I can think of two possibly helpful things to say. One thing is that in concept, all you're really doing is stopping before the end of the row. You kind of pretend those stitches aren't there, turn the work around like you usually do and go back and do the rest of the row. If your usual knitting is a rectangle - knit to end of row, turn around, knit back, turn around, knit back to build rows of even lengths on top of each other - then short rows are like a pyramid - knit to almost the end of the row, then turn it around and knit back to almost the end of the row, so that every row is shorter and shorter and builds up in a pyramid shape. You do end up leaving those unused stitches at the ends of your needles, but you dont' knit with them.

Also, there are lots of crazy instructions out there for the "wrap-and-turn" to avoid the hole at the point where you've turned it around. They're wordy and seem really complicated. Again with the concepts: what you're really trying to do with a wrap-and-turn is take the yarn ( that is coming out of the last stitch on the row you just knit, the same sitch that will be the first stitch you will knit when you turn it around) and wrap it around the BASE of the next stitch - the one that you WON'T KNIT. This means that instead of completely forgetting about the stuff that's at the end of the row and leaving it in the dust, you're giving that stitch a hug, snugging it up close to the ones you're still knitting on.

Here's a couple of helpful bits:
http://knitty.com/ISSUEsummer03/FEATbonnetric.html (scroll to the bottom for pictures)
http://www.sweaterscapes.com/shortrok.htm - excellent pictures of the wrap-and-turn


What the buggering hell is a 'short row shape' ?

The Steph

Short row shaping is mean to knitters. Boo. Not a fan. (I'll probably like it one day...I'm just like that...)


you are not defeated if you don't care, there are bigger things to be defeated by, or to care about :-)

Yoga socks do not have heels, just cast off loosely when you get to the heel, and cast back on again - simple magic.


Short rows are great for shaping garments but make for a lame sock heel. Heel flaps all the way, as I think you also always do with your socks, yes? Were you doing the one-sock-inside-another thing or the two socks side by side thing? If it was one inside another, here are instructions for a Dutch heel with that technique:


Tiel S-K

You're one step ahead of me. I haven't a clue what short row shaping is!

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