October 31, 2006



Ooh cute! What a happy combination of fabrics and happy words and feelings! I'm so pleased for your whole little family :)


The Pink Hormone! It has a name...that one took me by surprise too. And as she is so adorable, Pia fashion-centric posts would brighten anyones day.


Pink with any other colour is cool, I for one don't mind if we get a lot of what Pia wore today, she is so gorgeous, enjoy.


Pink with any other colour is cool, I for one don't mind if we get a lot of what Pia wore today, she is so gorgeous, enjoy.


Pink, Orange and Red - delicious! and perfect for such a gorgeous baby!!


Bring on the fashion shows! I'm waiting for the matching mother/daughter outfits in some funky 70's fabric. So happy to hear your spark!


i'll take pia's pants, in my size please. :)


I'm late to post a comment to the last entry, so may I please post here?

Your story with Max was so like my story with my younger son, Owen. After a good breastfeeding experience with my first (after a horrid start, but let's not go there), and great latch on at the hospital, it all went to hell when we got home. Owen simply did not want to breastfeed, and would scream for two hours, every time I put him to my breast, before consenting to feed. And on top of that, I had horrible, horrible panic and anxiety from the hormones--the kind that makes it hard to breathe, let alone do anything else. I didn't eat for three days.

I finally called a halt to the whole thing and started in on a bottle. And while I regret it, I do not for one instant feel *guilty* about it. I reminded myself of what a friend's pediatrician told her when she confessed her guilt over bottle feeding: "Formula was invented because BABIES WERE DYING."

I am truly sorry you had such a hard time with both kids, but I am proud of you for having the wisdom to know that your babies need you, as a whole person, more than they need your breasts.


Pia is beautiful, and I know her mommy must be too. Thank you for being willing to share your experiences with both your children.

(Clare who Lurks)


Maybe you should start a new Pia-a-day blog:)
That yarn is gorgeous by the way.
I got away with that pink/orange/red colorway for about the first year w/ my boys -it seems acceptable when they are still babies...:)


Ah! We'll take "What she wore today." Gladly! She is so beautiful Al. Congrats, again.


Pia is adorable - glad to hear you are enjoying this magical time.

Oh and I love your Kaishu stools!


repling to previous post
i am so glad i wasn't in the northwest when i gave birth, everyone here is a breastfeeding guru... and since i like you cracked and bled to the point where my daughter spat up blood- i stopped. guilt eversince, especiall since mominlaw lactated so much she donated milk to hospitals etc. you stated things in raw truth yet gracefully, thank you!
congrats on your lil girl!
ps my daughter is 2 and i don't think we have ever met someone who didn't comment on how she is advanced she is for her age!


You've been hit by the pink thing already ?
Man, you're in trouble.
: )


I just received my copy of A Crafter's Companion and I'm in love! You're section is so inspiring and I'm looking forward to delving in with abandon. I'm going to have to ration myself...I have to get through 1 more semester of school...but come December, projects, projects, projects!


Ha ha ha. Yeah, I know about the pink thing. If anyone told me 5 years ago I'd be knitting a fluffy hot pink cardi with a fringe I would have laughed at them with derision.

I am so looking forward to those happy hormones (I remember them wistfully). So glad to hear they aren't a product of rose coloured memory. Enjoy them while they last - and long may they last!

And it's so good to hear you have had lots of positive comments and emails, and are feeling like there are some of us out here who don't buy into black and white views of the world, and who don't think that everything can be reduced to labels and 2 dimensions. It's really great too that as much as you are feeling the up side of the supportive community here in blogland, there are obviously so many others who are feeling the benefits of reading your posts and story. So thanks for getting all this really hard stuff down for us to share.

lisa s

oh alison... i just caught up - again and again i can't help but sing your praises and commend you for your honesty and bravery. you ARE A SUPERHERO mom.... in so so so many ways.

it sounds to me like your choice is a necessary one and if anyone tells you otherwise don't believe them. in the end i think it must be better for the wee ones too.... they sense all the tension. what's most important is that you love them and they you. nough said.

and you are liking pink? did i read that [yes yes i read the conditions, but pink???]


just doing some catch-up reading...and wanted to say thank you. pregnancy and childbirth and breastfeeding is all a ways off for me, yet, but reading about your experiences seems so much more real, and somehow reassuring, than something i'd read in a book. i've watched my friends (one in particular) go through the same sorts of struggles, and i just wish they'd known your story then so they'd know they weren't alone. i think you made the right choice...the only choice...and i wholeheartedly agree that it's better to have a happy bottlefeeding mum than a miserable breast feeding one. she's a beautiful girl and you should get to enjoy your time together! congrats again. and i love that pink!


she's so much bigger already! and soooo cute!


I'm late to comment too, but I need to tell you this. Sweetie, go to the park. Look at the kids, the 3-4 year olds. Look at their parents. Who got breastfed? Can you tell? Does it matter? When they're all 5 and they're learning too read, look around. They're all fine, with or without breastfeeding. It has taken me years to learn this. I want you to know it now. Oh and pink and orange? sheesh woman, these are the colours of someone I loved who has died. You got some direct line to my heart going today!


Oh that pink hormone got me good and proper - although only if mixed with red. It shocked me though, never thought I'd go for pink!
And if this became a blog about What She Wore Today, I for one would be more than happy to read it.
Pia's looking beautiful and that quilt is beautiful!


I wanted to comment on your earlier post about not breastfeeding but thought you were probably being overcome with the number of comments you were getting. I just wanted to give you my 2 cents which is just that - nothing but my own experience. With both of my children I had grand expectations of myself to breastfeed exclusively for as long as I could. But, both times debilitating Post Partum Depression overtook me and I had to choose - my sanity or the breastfeeding. Because my wonderful, understanding doctor wanted me to start medication and stop breastfeeding immediately in order to regain some of my sanity. The first time I refused. And I suffered for months - and then had fulfillment issues (those huge babies want alot of milk) and had to stop the breast anyway at 4 months. This last time I chose to take the medication and stopped breastfeeding right away. It changed my life. And my son has never suffered for it. He has had a stable, happy mom and he's healthy. So - just wanted to chime in.
And go with the pink hormones! It's fun!


First, to the commenter above, the name "Harriett" makes me smile. It's one of my favorite names in the whole world.

Second, Miss Pia is deliciously beautiful. I love what she's wearing and I love that quilt, too.

Finally, I think society has a whole lot to say about how we should do things as mothers of new babies and the media gets so much more mileage out of our angst and discord than our happiness and ease of spirit. We should celebrate healthy, happy families and not spend as much time challenging the way they live. Feed your girl and grow her well and enjoy it, however you can.


love the pants! isn't it amazing at how many things you want to make for a "girl" and what you want to dress her in? i have a another sweater i want to knit and i can't wait for the Tea Collection sample sale to come so i can buy those amazingly cute clothes for cheap!


So sweet, and so happy to hear you sounding very upbeat. I'm an equal-opportunity color lover and never quite understand people who say, "I hate blue" or "I hate pink." It's all good to me.

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