October 29, 2006



thank you for your honest post. I stumbled upon your blog somehow and was mesmerized by your beautiful pictures and honest words. Your profound love for your children is obvious.

I struggled to nurse my first child - and went to nearly all pumping, and finally decided to quit at 5 months. It was an extremely difficult decision that I waffled about for a very long time, and felt judged by others for it. Once I quit I was infinitely happier and had more time to spend loving up my baby and husband (instead of pumping, washing and storing).

I am currently about due with #2 and trying (pretty successfully) to ignore the pangs of anxiety I have about feeding this one. I know now that I found your story for a reason. I hope to make breastfeeding more satisying this time around, but if it doesn't work - so be it- and get over it! Thank you...


And here I was thinking I was the only one who 'failed' at breastfeeding.
My son has just turned 7 and i still feel a measure of sadness and guilt when i see a comfortably nursing mother.
I don't think I will ever come to terms with it. But I have just read your post and 101 comments that have gone a long way towards helping me feel not quite as alone as I thought I was.


oh that judgement. everywhere we went I was the only one bottle feeding. and the day you officially give up - i remember that trauma too. my midwife / lactation consultant told me the milk should be gushing out and that it should only take 5 minutes for a feed. well, what an abject failure I was. not producing enough milk, taking 25 minutes, having a hungry baby. we bought formula after a week and kept it well hidden.

yes, and astrid wasn't remotely interested in breast feeding to begin with either - they had to lure her on with formula and it took us four days to get the hang of it. then apparently she wasn't growing anywhere near enough so I spent most of my spare time expressing.

And when I at last did get up to 100ml a time after three months of drugs my mother went into hospital and the milk officially vanished.

Yes, so next time we intend to have the formula at the ready. To top things up to start with but I no longer harbour great wishes to breast feed for at least six months.

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