October 23, 2006



Oh, I'm so glad it happened as you wanted it! Welcome to the world, Pia! Congrats!!


Thankyou for sharing your story. You're right - it is so important to share these stories and I appreciate it. It gives ne hope that I may be able to have a VBAC next time.


Thanks for sharing, I am aiming for a VBAC in January so your story is very hard warming. Congratulations on getting through it and having faith in yourself!


Lovely story, Thanks Alison. But if you'd rung me I'd have said - "GO NOW!!" :)


Such a moving story, Alison!
Thank you for sharing it with us.


thank you.


Oh, tears..in..my..eyes! I was taken back to giving birth to both my girls, such amazing experiences. Wonderful story and so wonderful that it went how you wanted it to.
I think i want another!



Your body made it. This is important to share.

dani (pyglet)

I am so glad that your labour was so much more positive and strong for you this time and that your body was so amazing and did exactly what you needed it to. I am also glad I heard such a story 8 weeks before I am also due.
Thank you for sharing and congratulations!


Beautiful Post. Congratulations, you have a beautiful new baby and still manage to write so eloquently.

I had three very different labours. For the first, I too was induced and had the classic "cascade of interventions" stopping short of a caesar, but culminating in an episiotimy and forceps, after a long difficult posterior labour. With my second labour, I too went drug free, my body knew what to do (stark contrast with the drug induced, epidural labour) and I delivered my son standing up - no one needed to tell me when to push, or even tell me what position to assume. I was so grateful to the universe and very proud. My third baby was delivered by elective caesar - a situation I did everything to avoid, but embraced once it became clear that I had done all I could, and it had to happen.

Your post reminded me of elements of all three labours. My experience has taught me that while things may not pan out how you wish, if you educate yourself, you can tip the odds a bit. You can also feel more resolved if things do not go to plan, when you know you did what you could.
When the universe smiles on you, birth can be so fantastic, that you begin to understand why some people just keep going back for more.
Thanks for your honesty.


"talk about it, and about it" I don't remember who said that, but it sums up the need to talk about our births so well. I am so happy for you, but you weren't lucky - as you said so clearly - you were prepared. Once again, so proud of you, and can't wait to meet Pia (and Max!)


once again, congratulations to you and all the 6.5 sts. thank you for sharing Pia's story!


Oh man, I am wiping tears away. What a beautiful story. I have had 3 c-sections and labored heavily with 2 of my children. I so wanted to have a vbac with #2, and I really had to stick to my guns to attempt it. My Dr. tried to talk me out of it and I'll never forget the nurse who took me aside and told me to "do whatever I wanted to do" - and try for a vbac is what I wanted. Your story is so moving. Thank you very much!


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. In all it's gory truths, just beautiful. I'm so proud of you! Can I say that?


Thank you for sharing your story, Alison. It is beautiful and encouraging. I'm happy that you got the birth you hoped for!


Made me cry. Congratulations. Now I understand why you said you are proud of your body. An amazing and inspiring story, and a great start to a new life.


Beautiful. So beautiful. Pia's birth story, *your* story of birthing her, has brought more than a few tears to my eyes, Alison. I'm having a hard time organizing my thoughts into all that I'd like to say to you so instead I'll just say, "Congratulations!" You did a wonderful job, mama.


I'm so, so, so happy for you!


What a fantastic story! I am so happy you got the birth you wanted and it gives me hope that I can have the birth I want too!

Lee Ann

You are simply awesome. I'm so proud of you, Alison, for listening to yourself. It takes a hell of a woman to drown out the other voices chiming in, and you DID IT!


Wow. I'm just in awe. I had to listen to my body the other way round and realise it would not ever be able to handle childbirth safely again, which makes me sad, but I, too, had to just block out the advice-givers who didn't know what they were talking about and listen to what my body was doing.

Brava, babe :-)


Yes, welcome! So glad you're here and YOU DID IT! Hurrah!

I, too, have nasty breastfeeding stories. Truly horrible. I think our desire to "do it right" can lead us down some dark roads. I did it for 13 months, but it was a mess of pumping, injury, and pain. I do wish that we could all be more understanding of each other, and that the "breast is best" folks would at least acknowledge the challenges some of us face in trying to do the best in our particular situations.

More Pia, please! Feeling the pangs here.

love squalor

thank you for sharing this beautiful birth story full of hope! your first birth experience and all of its trauma sound so similar to my own experience. but this experience with Pia gives me great hope for the next time around - so thank you so much for sharing! enjoy these magical first days with baby!


Good Job, 6.5! Good Job, Pia!

Thanks so much for sharing your stories - I haven't had any myself (yet), but I appreciate SO MUCH hearing the experience of others. Sounds like you did a really really great job.

I'm sure it's painful to have difficulties with bonding in the early bits, but they really are great little animals, babies, and they bounce back. I bet Max is all bounced up into your life now, and I'm sure you and Miss Pia will also be as close as any mother/daughter team around. The better you can let it go, the better it will disappear. Best of everything to you and the whole family and thanks again for sharing.



Thank you for sharing your story. It is the song of a brave, strong, woman - and we all benefit from hearing it. Pia and Max are blessed to have such an amazing momma who trusts in her body, does what feels right to her, and shares her truth with the world.

Welcome Pia, and blessings to your whole family!


beautiful. thank you. and congratulations to you all...

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