October 23, 2006



back from France my first comment on any blog is for you - congratulation to YOU, to your body - I truly envy you - I wish I could have the same delivery in 3 months....

congratulations to Max, the big brother and your husband.

thanks for sharing such an amazing story...

Pia is the cutest baby ever !

Enjoy your new addition.


Congratulations! This really gives me more hope for a VBAC. I had a very similar situation with my son. My body did nothing and I had to have a C-section and I've regretted it every since. We just found out #2 is on the way and I told my doctor I wanted to go for a VBAC and she tried to take me out of it. ALREADY! and I 'm only 8 weeks along. I told her if you are going to try and talk me out of it I will find another doctor. Thank you.


well done you! I too had a c-section with my first and vbac with my second. I had an obst. who was going to give it everything for me to have my baby vaginally.Yay it worked and we did it - unfortunately it didn't stop the second round of pnd but hey? I had better support measures in place and I got through it.I am happy you did too.
congratulations on a wonderful story.


congratulations and thank you SO much for sharing your story!

The Weekend Warrior

I admire your determination and wish youa wonderful time with your family.

tiel S-K

reading other peoples birth stories is always amazing.

thank you for sharing.

You are so brave

I had a very similar...VERY similar...labour with my first as you did with Max. I thought about VBAC for some months when I was pregnant again with #2, but in the end decided not to for many reasons. My second C-section was much easier because it was managed and that made me feel better in the first month of being a mum again.

thanks for sharing. this information will be wonderful to pass to Pia when she is older.


I'm posting here for the first time and have tears in my eyes. That's how powerful this post is! My husband and I don't have children yet (will start trying next year) but I've always wanted to have my children naturally. This story is a clear sign for me to follow my female instincts and let my body do what it was naturally designed to do. Thanks for such an amazing post and CONGRATULATIONS on having such a beautiful, healthy daughter. Your story is an inspiration to women everywhere!


Beautiful post, congratulations! I was two weeks overdue when the doctors decided to induce me with the prostin gel, not once, but twice. The contractions became unbearable and in the end I got an epidural. Now I am training to be a doula and hoping for a natural birth next time around. All my best and enjoy thank you for sharing your story!


Hmmm... I'd let go of the idea of a VBAC after my first two both had to be delivered by section, each two weeks late (with absolutely NO signs of impending labour what-so-ever) and weighing in at more than nine pounds, and have already scheduled a section on my due date. BUT, after reading what you've accomplished with your second, I think I'll hold out a little hope that maybe this time (third time's a charm *cross fingers*) my body'll do what I wanted it to do all along and I can enjoy my new baby without a large incision across my abdomen.


I had an emergancy CS with Brynn and I am sure if I had not been so very tired after labouring for so long I could have coped more with the pain and not ended up with an epi on my back for 24 hours. Thankfully although it was an emergnecy CS she never got stressed.. At some point she turned around and flipped her head back so it was just apparant that she wasn't going to budge.
We even had the birthing pool filled but my contractions slowed down even though my waters broke and I was bouncing on my ball for all my might.
I read your story and it made me cry. We are planning for bun no.2 at some point and this makes me believe it can be done and it can be wonderful. The idea of having a natural labour after a CS does scare me and having another CS does seem an easier option. But then I do feel like I missed out on something special... something I would love to experience.
And as for the BFing. It does sound like you have an aweful time of it.
I honestly think that any woman is very lucky if BFing isn't agony for a couple of weeks even if the latch on IS right. I had bloodied and cracked nipples as well but eventually they toughened up and I know many other women who had the correct everything and still had bloodied nipples and then also women who didn't. But it was agony and I can understand how very hard it must have been for you to stop. I think we do what we have to do sometimes and there is nothing wrong with that. I think if they warned us before hand that BFing WOULD be agony then maybe we would stress a little less about if we were doing it right and things may naturally work better.
Thank-you for your story.


Congratulations and thanks for sharing your story!!


This is very encouraging as I am in week four of my second pregnancy and I want to go VBAC, too. So many people don't seem to understand and think I'm nuts. Thanks for sharing. And any other good prepartion info you have would be welcomed.


All so raw and honest, so beautiful, so encouraging and brings so much of my own good and bad experiences back. Thanks for sharing everyone.

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