October 23, 2006


lisa s

oh alison... biting my lip the whole time i read this. you are a wonder. for many many reasons. congrats!! and thank you for sharing your story in all its glory!!!!

Sharon G.

Thank you for the beatiful post. I, too, had my daughter without drugs. Your story, the way you describe the waves of contractions, your animal instincts kicking in...it brought me right back to that day. Thanks, again. Huge congrats on your great accomplishment! Best of luck to you and yours.


Oh Alison, it is so cool to hear your story and to know that it all went so well for you, congratulations again and well done you.

shiso mama

congratulations and thank you for sharing your story.

when i gave birth to my son, i didn't have very strong feelings attempting a drug-free birth. but as we are thinking about a second baby, and as i read more natural birth stories, i feel like it's an amazing experience, and something i might want to try. thanks for the inspiration.


{tears in my eyes}

Congratulations, Alison.


It is the most intense experience, that moment when your baby's head comes out, and you and you baby separate into two distinct people - I am so pleased that you finally had the experience you longed for. I hope life's other problems pale in the face of your beautiful daughter.


Congratulations! Unmediacated births are quite amazing, aren't they. I had an epidural with my first...nothing with my second. It's just phenomenal what our bodies are capable of doing. Thanks for sharing your story with us.


Alison, you have me in tears. I am not a mom and have no idea what the experience is like, but I must say, you've transported me. I feel like I was standing next to you watching her birth.
Congratulations on baby Pia! May these days be peaceful and joyful!


Wow. So wonderful to hear your story. I'm so happy you had such a great expereince (if that amount of pain can be said to be great). I didn't twig that you were in labour until you got up to go and looked shall we say "slightly uncomfortable". But with the false start you had the week before I was hoping it wouldn't end like that again... and it certainly didn't. Congratulations.


What a great story. Thank you for sharing it with us. I'm so glad that all that preparation and hard work had such a fantastic outcome. Congratulations!


Thank you for sharing this incredibly personal time. I appreciate it.


Thank you for sharing this wonderful birth story. Your amazing determination is truly admirable - really well done.

I too am amazed at the whole primal experience natural birth is. And so you should be so proud of yourself and your body! Welcome Pia.


Like Kelli,
I'm not a mother, and chances of it happening looking increasingly unlikely, so thank you for sharing this very intense, mysterious and private woman's business ... you've got me wiping my eyes and wondering if ever I could do such a thing.


Thank you for sharing!

I'm due in 2 months and hope something will change in my medical reality so I will be able to have a natural birth.

You give me hope.

Thank you very, very much


So glad you shared your story with us while it's all still new and alive in your memory. Wow. Thanks and congratulations again.


I've lurked here for a while now and never commented but can I just say two things.

2) Thank-you so much for being so candid about the whole birth. From someone who has never done it but hopes to one day it is great to read something like this that isn't all tied up in medical wordage and yet is factual while still being emotional.



Wow, well done! I had a similar experience of an emergency caesarian following an induction that didn't work for number one. Then for number two I was in hospital over night waiting for the same thing (desperately didn't want it, of course) - and my waters broke in the middle of the night. I had a long labour and it was quite medically managed (monitor clip on baby's head, etc.) but eventually I did it. I remember that scream! Anyway, the important point is that I, too, didn't bond properly with first child. I loved him, but I didn't really KNOW him. Second child was so much easier. But over time (they're now teenagers) it all evens up and they're equally mine. Feeling quite emotional even writing this note! All the best to you and your little ones.


What a fantastic story... Congratulations, your baby girl is beautiful! Best wishes.


I'm so happy for you. And I'm so glad you shared this. I think it's really important for us to share birth stories so other women know that it's possible to have a great experience. These are OUR births and the births of our children. It's important for us to be in power and take the responsibility, rather than laying there passively letting others control us. Our bodies know what to do. There are definitely cases where help is needed, but I can't help but feeling that denying us the power to give birth in an active way is really just a way to keep women weak. Enough of my feminist ranting. kisses to you all.


all i can say is "wow"!...and no drugs?--
amazing what the female body can do.


Congratulations! Congratulations again! And again! And again! (for trusting yourself, for getting Pia here, for getting around to a birth story in the middle of pure hecticness, etc. etc.)
Pia's birth story took me back to our daughter's birth by c-section and the VBAC that worked out for our son three years later. Definitely the primal scream. (Which put off the nurse who came in just then--she shot me a "what's-that-about-the-baby's-here-already" look and comment--but, hey, the walls aren't soundproof anyway).
And, yes, breastfeeding may be "not supposed to hurt if the baby's latched on properly," but the first 2 weeks with the first child were extremely painful and frustrating. (Though both are still nursing, the younger more, the older much less).
Good luck with the new addition and all the ongoing family changes!


thankyou for sharing your very special story, and that photo took my breath away :) best wishes to you and your family.


all i can say is wow! thank you for sharing such an intimate piece of your life with us.

putting pennies in the penny jar for our birthday-sharing tots to meet. xox...arc


wow...what a wonderful story..WELL DONE and big congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! Take it easy and enjoy the little one!


all i can say is that I completely soaked in your birth story--every detail. I'm going through my third pregnancy which is full of "high risk" situations because of a blood clot found in my leg during a routine ultrasound. I'm feeling overwhelmed by tests and blood work and ultrasounds and shots and appointments. This is not "my style" of pregnancy. Your story has brought me so much encouragement today.
I am so thrilled that you did it!! And it was just as you hoped and worked for!

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