October 12, 2006



Have you tried unpacking your hospital bag? This is the same theory as cleaning the garage. I'm due in December and am anticipating having to wait several days or a week, as firstborns in my family are consistently late. Good Luck and lots of gentle birthing thoughts!


Thinkin' of ya! I love the unpacking the hospital bag - really laughed at that one. It might just work! If you do go for ARM make sure they know where the head is because my best mate's babe came out with a very nasty scratch on his head from the instrument. I was due to have ARM with Alice but when they were giving me a sweep I pushed down on the top of the uterus and that was enough to make it happen. It's worth suggesting that to them if/when you go in. Love and mushies from us.


just having given birth to #6, the best thing for the baby is to wait. sorry to tell you that.

my dr refused to induce before 1 week late because the baby "was not ready." he said it would be harder for the baby to go through a long labor, if he induced and my body did not want to cooperate.

i was scheduled to be induced one week after my due date, and the baby came on his own the day before. and my labor was incredibly short because my body was ready!

(and i would not recommend castor oil. while i heard that it works, i've also heard that it could make you have diarrhea when you are trying to push out the baby. do you want to risk THAT????)


Reflexology helped one of my friends and laughter (I know its the last thing you feel like doing) was recommended by our NCT teacher - rent the funniest films you can find and put your feet up - worth a try!


Well, if your health is anything like my luck as soon as you've decided you don't want this pregnancy to end, the kid will arrive.
I've got no experience in this department other than to cheer you on and wish you luck. I can't wait for the beautiful wee babe to arrive!


that sounds awful. i hope that baby gets its toosh in gear fast!


Good luck!


licorice worked for me (I think it's the same theory as caster oil but slightly less dramatic).
Hope she's ready soon :)


castor oil most definitely worked for me... by the time I was reaching the end of the week before my dr was going to make good on his threat of induction, I was desperate! I had tried everything: walking, jumping, spicy food, acupuncture (3 sessions), sweeping my membranes, you name it.

I drank about 50 ml of castor oil - I think that's about 3 tbsp - at about 2pm and it started working within an hour. I woke up around midnight with mild contractions and dd was born by 6.30 am.... I too was terrified about the diarrhea, but my stomach was completely empty before I went to bed, so I think the fear was a little overblown.

Good luck!


I lifted some heavy boxes which made my water leak. I still had to be induced, but the whole thing got underway that way. I was at exactly 40 weeks (to the day). Induction was not what I wanted, but we still did it withouth medication.

One thing we did do was to Hypnosis for childbirth. Every night I'd listen to a CD that would tell me that I'm ready for birth (I guess you don't have months not to prepare... (sad grin).... But I'm just wondering if meditating and telling yourself that you are ready for the birth might help. Maybe also making a tape with your voice and listening to it at night could also help.

You could also try to conntact Stephanie (aka the yarnharlot) for advise. She really is a fabulous doula and is a huge source of information.

Good luck, we're rooting for you here.


castor oil worked like a bullet for me too - took it about midday, went into labour after 4am and Blaise was born after 50 minutes. None of the commented side effects, but I have heard since that Castor oil is no longer favoured as it is toxic.

the other thing that happened that day is that her Dad decided he was over the whole baby thing and that she wasn't going to come - so he made plans to go fishing the next day...the same thing happened when I had Charlotte, he took Holly home to Waiheke (30 minutes by ferry)after spending the week in Auckland after the latest false alarm...Charlotte was born that day, and he arrived just in time.

I'm not going to tell you to relax, I know that you are walking past that gorgeous cot a wee bit too often, yearning to see your daughter sleeping there, but please get plenty of rest.


I have a suggestion:

Completely un-prepare the nursery.
Make sure everyone who is going to help you with the baby/house after the birth, is out of town.
Tell yuor mid-wife/doctor to take a holiday.
Quit doing laundry for a few days, I mean, let it REALLY pile up.
Do what ever else you can think of to make it the worst time possible for baby to arrive...

THEN the baby will come. Guarenteed!



I was induced after a membrane sweep (ouch!) failed to have any effect. She is my first and only babe, so I have nothing to compare it to, but it wasn't as scary or as medicalised as I feared, despite the fact that I couldn't have a water birth as I had to be monitored a lot because of high blood pressure and the fact that the contractions were so close together - not something that happens to everyone, I think I just respond *rather well* to drugs. No pain relief, either.

Anyway, just to say that just because she's not raring to come out, doesn't mean the birth will be wretched. Try to relax (ha!) and take it as it comes. Keep your eyes on the prize: a fantastic little girl with a wardrobe to die for.


Hopefully things have started already. Though i do recommend Rasberry Leaf Tea (by the litre), curry, sex and weeding...yep I think it was all the squatting!! gorgeous garden and a gorgeous baby in the same day!!


The due date is just a "guestamite". There is nothing magic about it (speaking as a mother and a physician). My first daughter was born 19 days after her due date, naturally, and healthy. My second daughter was born a week late. I took evening primrose oil caps on the advice of a friend. I think that they both came when I gave up worrying and wanting to control the outcome. I sarted labor with the first when I spent the day at the beach with my spouse and made plans for an evening out (dinner and a movie). Best of everything to you!!


I don't think you're overdue. Is the baby okay? Are you okay? Then relax.

My first child was 17 days overdue, the second 14 days overdue. My mother was 14 days overdue with all 3 of her children.

I think doctors have far too much faith in the due date now. I know it's hard, but it will be all done soon!


Oh I feel for you. I second some of the advice above...drinking lots of water and raspberry leaf tea, more homeopathy, hypnobirthing techniques - my personal savior in labor, and above all Relaxing. I know it gets to the point where the 'when' is all you can think about, but obviously she's not quite finished with you yet....eat something yummy and take a nap!

Do you have to worry about being induced so soon? I thought in the last post you said that you were due on the 7th, don't they let you usually go 2 weeks after that?

Good luck!


Please skip the castor oil, I tried at my 1st and it made me sick as a dog (it can also be dangerous for the baby) AND she was born 3 days late anyway. I had my 2nd at 41 weeks but I didn't know until he was born (my doctor prefers to tell her patience the 41 week is their due date) makes for a lot less worried mommies when they are a few days overdue.

Sending you gentle birth vibes, hope you have baby soon! :)


ok you have a billion comments and probably won't be up to getting to mine way down here on the bottom but... Oh my gosh, I know what the waiting does to a woman!! OPhelia was six days late and man was that the hardest six days of my life! Hope it comes soon... have you had your membranes stripped yet?


Hmmmm. Maybe plan a nice weekend away, or perhaps an intimate dinner for you and Hubby. Guaranteed things will start moving along when you plan something that doesn't involve being near the hospital or your hospital bag. Best of luck!

red swirl/ginevra

In the end, we only got as far as the gel (inserted 3 times by a very angry nurse) and they put the needle in for the drip (missed first time & got blood all over the floor), but never actually attached it. Other than that, it was a pretty natural birth ... know what might happen but take your time at every step of the way :)


oops I sent that too quick
ok that was ME.trying SO HARD..then someone who was passing int he street gave me this advice
I swear this will work..
eat a vegetarian meal the night before
tell yourself you will rest all day tomorrow so the baby will come.
then the next day do NOTHING but..
laying around
on the couch
in slippers
with magazines
sighing resting sleeping
nothing..no running..no standing no cooking..settle and REST..all day LONG..this is the day you are going to have your baby..get a book or magazine and a cup of tea..nothing
that baby will settle and do all the work...


and that cohash stuff? I don't even remember what it's called. Blue cohash? black? Oh dear. I'm thinking of you. Foot massages! You need a foot massage. There is a point four fingers above your ankle bone that needs massaging. My doula used it on me to keep things going. I'm concentrating all of my energy on sending you contractions this morning. I only went into labour when I got desperate. Maybe it will work for you.


This woman I had a knitting class swore up and down this works. Having no children myself, I can't vouch for it.

Go to an all you can eat buffet. Start eating and don't stop, you are going to gorge yourself. Keep eating, let the food go down and eat some more. Keep eating until truly you can't eat another morsel. The logic is that the body can't do two things at once and since it is digesting food it will push the baby out. I am no scientist, mother, nurse or doctor. (I am a graphic designer) but I think it has to do with the pressure that the stomach is producing on the baby's bottom---. I think my boss was induced for both children. Good luck.



Baby, come out! Come on out of there! It's great out here! Weather's fine, and the company at your place is great!

Baby, come out!

Sending lots of strong thoughts your way.

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