October 12, 2006



How overdue are you? Is the baby still active/moving around? If so, don't get too worried. All three of us girls went to 42 weeks (I actually went over 42 weeks) and were never over 8.5 pounds or worse for the wear. In the meantime, take Vitamin E (helps ensure baby gets enough oxygen) and use a lot of wild basil and thyme in your food (even if it doesn't bring on labour, it will help expel the afterbirth and lessen bleeding). As reccomended above, do use blue cohosh (lots! continuously!), as well as motherwort, mugwort, and peppermint and raspberry (tea is an excellent form). Good luck! And don't worry, everything will be fine. :)


Any news?

Best wishes... hope you and the wee one are doing well. My mom played me endless Ry Cooder until I came out. You never know!


Hope Petite has made her appearance by now. De-lurking to say...My last by (now 18, my how the time does fly) was two weeks overdue and she had lost just over a pound. Wasn't under stress though so they waited. My last dr appt he said he wanted to induce the next day, but to go home and have a glass of root beer with some castor oil. I had her exactly 8 hours after drinking it. My grandson was born 12 hours after oldest daughters dr gave her the same recommendation.
Waiting anxiously for news!

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