October 12, 2006



The waiting can be so hard My thoughts are with you.

Francesca (Stuntmother)

(delurking in sympathy). Wine? Mulled wine? Worked for my way overdue neighbor. What about castor oil (apparently can work like evil lightening). Evening primrose oil. More sex?

The waiting is so hard. I really hope it all works out. Sending getting out type thoughts to Petite.


Petite is obviously training you early that "No one can make Petite do what I don't want to do." I thought that kind of parent training didn't start happening until they have had you for 2 years. Hopefully you can convince Petite that not coming out is soo not an option.

Good luck!


How about pizza? My doula told me about that one. My friend is scheduled for a water breaking on Saturday when she'll be about 42 weeks. If I see her again before Saturday I'll ask her more.


I've heard castor oil too. And also pizza. And also going for a really bumpy ride through the country on a 4-wheeler/ATV. But I can't imagine you really feel like indulging in that bit of rural Nova Scotian baby-coaxing! I'd probably start with the castor oil...maybe drizzled on a spicy pineapple pizza? Good luck!

Alicia A.

Castor oil- worked for 3 different women I know. My mom actually bought some when she was pregnant with my sister and her water broke on the way home from the store. before she'd taken any. :)

Good luck either way!


Ummm. Just puttin' in my 2 cents here buddy....I see you haven't tried STANDING ON YOUR HEAD. Could confuse Pia and make her swim the other way? No, not helpful? Or maybe *hopefully* you're laughing and will laugh her out?? Damn the Jesus mat didn't work?? Just as well I'm working on the LARGER Jesus play mat. That'll do the trick.


Oh!! Just sending positive thoughts your way!


Oh no Alison no baby yet??? I thought for sure that I'd check in and get a photo of the little beauty! I don't have very many suggestions as I'm a medical case with far too many details to get into but I hope that little one decides to come out soon!


How about raspberry leaf tea?
I hope it all happens very soon for you, as in today, come out Petite!!


Delurking too: no helpful advice at all, sorry, but just to send good thoughts your way. I hope it all goes well, however it ends up happening.

lisa s

oh alison.... my thoughts and some very hard wishing are with you....

come on petite !! come on!!! xoxo


Assvice? Go up the stairs sideways. The pelvic rocking could get her little head all lined up for some effective encouragement to your cervix.

And remember - you NEVER have to do what they tell you. It is always YOUR care.


Also delurking here....... I am now a week past due myself and just wanted you to know that you are not alone. BUT tomorrow I am trying the pizza.


Hmmm, very determined to stay in there isnt she. Maybe the country drive through the bumpy roads will help. I actually had my waters broken when I had my daughter 5 yrs ago, so if you need any advice just email me. I hope that this isnt an indication of how she is going to be when she comes on out. Little girls are highly motivated when it comes to something that they really want. Try eating curries, or taking a hot bath. Let me know how you go, and email me if you need to. I will be sending labour wishes your way, and lots of warm back rubs.


i'm sending good vibes your way and hoping your little girl comes out soon =)

amanda paino

hi alison
my sister just had the same experience of forever waiting for baby to arrive.....she tried everything too.... she was induced with one application of gel in the late arvo and without any other interference..baby was born early the next morning...
so there is still hope for a natural birth...try not to worry..
i had a clary sage bath and think that brought on labour for my third baby.
but u know...i think baby will come when baby is ready..no matter what.
i hope its soon and i hope its wonderfully quick and beautiful :-)



I had one glas of wine, one good nghts sleep. and then ten hours work -> whops...a pretty little baby!


I had my water broken with both of my kids so if you still want information feel free to email me. Not promising I know what you want to know, but at least I've been through it. lol Thinking good thoughts and sending them your way.


I feel for ya, my first was nearly 2 weeks late and still didn't want to show her shining face - she was stubborn. Although it doesn't seem like it, things work out as they are supposed. Maybe Petite just needs to cook a little longer! :)


I have no solutions for you. But as babies tend to come at least ten days late, often two weeks or more in my family, I know a little bit that feeling of after-due-date urge.
I rejoin HollyRea in saying that: Don't let anyone do anything to you unless you understand it clearly (and the consequences), and agree with it (and unless there is an emergency). A doula told me that I had the right to call for the chief-doctor to explain and discuss the options when in doubt for a choice. At all time. Maybe it is the same for you? Give yourself all chances. It is your body, your baby, your responsibility and your life. Courage!
Just a note: When the water are broken, here, they don't want to wait too much longer, because of the fear of infection. So maybe it would be better to try other ways of induction?
I don't know.
But I send all good thoughts and wishes for the coming days (hours?).


Thinking of you. Comeon petite!


just sending along some sympathy. I just gave birth in August and was overdue also. It's crazy how slow time goes when you are overdue!! My partner made me go to the playground where he dragged me around in circles for like an hour and a half. Labor started an hour or so later. Keep trying!

I also suggest starting some big project- like cleaning out your garage. Right when you have all of the boxes unpacked and spread all over the driveway, baby'll be sure to come!

** Speedy labor and delivery vibes **



did it work? :)

*fingers crossed*


The bumpy country drives thing seems to work.

My friend's wife was 38 weeks (baby due 20th Oct) but feeling so well and comfortable that they and a doctor friend went to the Bathurst car race last Sunday. Her waters broke on Monday night & she had a boy on Tues evening.

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