August 23, 2006



AAAAh Thank you thank you. Man you whipped that up quick. Would you say your best sewing YET!? That's pretty darn special. Hmmm I think the HUSBAND of the mummy and bebe needs a vest....Jo?? You up for the challenge? Or maybe he needs his own protective bib for during the birth! The places this could go.


ooooo you are so on the spotlight wall, they couldn't possibly refuse a woman who is with child!!!


Nic - Possibly I have left myself with nowhere new to go after reaching the dizzy heights of this sewing piece.

Sarah - I'm thinking Butterick may just pick this up as a Birthing Kit pattern.


Ahhhhhhhhh! The Pressure! I'm about to crack! Thinking cap on. Hey, Nic, maybe I can borrow yours??
Can I say that your post Al was touching, to say the least. If Nic and I "complete you", then "you had me at hello". What a love fest we have going on here. Especially after you asked me to marry you the other day. What? You wanted that kept secret? Oops. OK.
Your baby will surely enter this world in style. Of that,I have no doubt. A little bewildered, but in style.
However, I must say, I am a little concerned with the raw edges on the bib and I would like to see a photo of the back to see what backing fabric you used?? You heathen quilter, you.


that is indeed the perfect Tackiness. sooooo funny! :)


AAAh jo - classic. Cap's in the mail.
Yes I was wondering about the backing fabric too, don't tell me, you've used Cotton Bow-Wow haven't you! You couldn't help yourself ;)


Backing fabric: A very cheap white face cloth from Woolies. I kept it in the same vein as Spotlight. As a hint to anyone wanting to use white face cloths - IT SHREDS FLUFF LIKE MAD.


I am a bit disappointed, you cut my favourite, the fake denim a little cowardish into a very narrow stripe. It isn't recognizable very good. I would have liked a more courageous approach

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