July 04, 2006



Lovely! All you need now is the baby to put in it.


Why do people insist on making babyware out of cashmere?
Me? I'm not trying to be spending precious time and money on something that's going to be puked on. Or worse.
Don't get me wrong, it's very pretty. But what's the point?
I'm thinking that the mother of the child would appreciate more something that can at least be washed on Delicate in the washing machine.


I love baby cashmerino, and that's a beautiful color. Lucky baby!


I am the mother of the child.

I do it because I love to knit, and to use beautiful yarns, and that's my choice. I take on board any cleaning, and this can still go in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Not everything a baby needs has to be utilitarian. Cleo - If you read my blog long enough, you'd also understand there were other factors involved in why I chose to knit this with cashmere.


Love the cardigan. Gorgeous colour.I have knitted for my girls in cashmere, actually everything I have knitted for them needs handwashing. It's never been a problem. I'm sure I saw that DB is doing casmerino in DK weight now - need some of that, baby cashmerino is one of my favourites.


Wonderful colour :)


A, this is so, so lovely. And there is function in it, as well as beauty. I would never think that giving a baby something beautiful and useful to grow up in was a waste or a folly, especially not when it is clearly made with the care you have for your people, your practise, and your materials.


...and now I remember why I try to stay away from cashmere in posts, sales, shops: it is irresistable. Sigh.


Oooh, can't wait to see the new petite in this beautY!


I've decided to out myself as a lurker at the mention of tapestry craft! I too find that a trip solves many of the yarn dilemma's I can't resolve online. I also wanted to say the cardigan is gorgeous. Oh, and that I fret about the pink thing too and really enjoyed your post on it. And good luck with the pregnancy!


If I am reading my care label right Baby Cashmerino is machine washable. Besides, hand washing baby stuff is easy. Fits right in the sink and is simple to wrap up in a towel and simple to find a place to lay flat to dry. All in all, much easier than handwashing adult sized clothes.

Have you ever tried recycling pure cashmere from cashmere sweaters? You can find sweaters at thrift stores and garage sales and that can be an economical way to get some very expensive fiber.

Babies need warm comfortable clothes more than almost anybody. Many of them have trouble regulating their tempurature. We take them out on walks where we're walking and they're sitting and they get cold! Floors are drafty and they spend a lot of time down there! Wool and cashmere are not luxury items, they are very practical - lightweight, non-bulky, warm yet breathable - in a word, comfortable.


I love Debbie Bliss! I just made the baby booties in the same book... :)
Nice work...

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