July 21, 2006



hmmm, reasons for making things... I deliberate A LOT on what to make, quite often deliberate so long that nothing gets made. I will often find something and love it straight away and have to make it straight away, and sometimes I enjoy those projects the most. other times I go back to a pattern i liked a couple of months ago and it doesn't appeal any more. Unlike you I usually have to buy yarn for the pattern, although lately I have been trying to find patterns for what I have (they usually have to be small projects thogh as I don't have 10 balls of any one thing lying about).
Oh and when you find the secret to making small boys pick up their toys, can you let me know?! I keep finding cars in the sink, in the couch, on the toilet...


For me, it's usually color...or a color combo...that first grabs me by the throat and won't let go. Toss in a beautiful pattern with simple lines? And the *real* obsessing begins. Then, let me discover that the yarn is soft, cozy and a joy to hold? And obsession becomes compulsion. "Must. Cast. On. NOW!!"


Me? I don't make anything these days. I'd love a slice of apple pie though. And you said yarn instead of wool. Hanging out with too many Americans these days?


I love this idea of fair isle with variegated yarns. I get the bug for fair isle every so often, just the yearn to tangle yarns and fiddle with color combinations - I think you might have triggered it again ...

Miss Dot

I seem to be most successful when I make things for fun. The minute I try to make them for profit it all turns to $%^&! re the apple pie thing, have you tried a whole apple, cored and then a Mars Bar stuffed inside, a little sherry drizzled over and then wrapped in foil. Bake in a hot oven for 20 minutes! decadent.


I ussually find that if I need inspiration to create, the fabric department of my local Spotlight store is the place I go.


I choose what to knit based on many different things. Sometimes the pattern grabs me, sometimes the yarn, sometimes a new technique. Some projects get started as soon as the thought enters my head, others I think about for a while. I always have a lot of projects going on at a time so that I can grab whatever I am in the mood for be it something easy, soft, complicated, one color, two colors, lace...I've got a project for almost any mood!


Gifting. I'm always inspired by what I know others will love. I truly enjoy putting together gifts -- especially those handmade.


It's almost always a gut reaction - the "ooh!" that takes me by surprise when I see a garment, something in yarn choice, fit or design that really floats my boat. Thankfully, I restrain myself from making impulse purchases most of the time, so it's those crushes that keep resurfacing from the back of my mind over time that actually get made. Hopefully, I still love it just as much when I'm done!


I tend to quilt, and so it is usually a piece of fabric that jumps out at me and wants me to do something with it. Or a colour combo I've seen somewhere. Just some textile that makes my heart skip a beat - I don't know why I love fabric this way, but I do.


Hmm . . . what makes choose the things I create? That's a good question. Just off the top of my head, I think it's a gut reaction. When I love something, I feel energized. The problem is I usually don't have the time. The lightswitch plates on my blog are a perfect example. It's been on my to do list for about 8 years! If I'm lucky, I write and sketch my ideas down in a book. I just made a list of "to-do" projects and posted it too. I agree with you about when something just evolves into what it wants to be. Those moments are very few and far between for me. I cherish the process when that happens. I think those moments happen for me when I make the time to emerse myself in the project and not worry about what's happening around me - extrememly hard to do. Then from deep down and probably from up high things just flow and connect and it's a wonderful experience. Anyway, sorry, I didn't mean for this to be so long. Thanks for the great question to ponder!


I've been thinking about why I make things in general quite a bit lately. For the most part, I make clothing and practical things. Like trousers, because sewing is much quicker and less odious to me than spending hours & hours shopping for some in good fabric, that fit properly and that I'll like. Often the act of making is pleasurable and I'm pleased if something turns out well, but that is a bonus. Although I like to dream about and design creative projects, I find it difficut to get around to actually making them!

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