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May 28, 2006



those muffins look very tasty!...oh...and that sweater is just so adorable!!! i must get my hands on that book!


Stop it! I'm exhausted just reading it! Love the jumper - what did you make the binding out of? It looks really soft and lush. Almost silky. Or do I need my eyes checked again? Relate totally to the purple sprinkles. Our colour of choice is blue, such an appealing colour to want to eat if you are over the age of 11. And you did spell Schwarzenegger correctly, I am a big fan. Arnie and Spotlight - my two favourite things.


Ummmm - if that's what you do in little spurts of creative energy, I'd love to see what you achieve when you have big spurts! I see your stuff all over the craft blog world, and it's always fabulous. No exception to that rule here. Though grey-meant-to-be-purple icing is perhaps sliding over into the vaguely dodgy area...totally rescued by those sprinkles however. What's not to love about sprinkles?


I recognise that pregnancy crafty urge to get stuff done! ;-)


Congrats on getting the edging done on the sweater, it looks wonderful with the bias binding.


What a gourgeous sweater! I'll have to check out that book. And I am very impressed by the bias binding--when I see that word I generally run in the other direction. But yours is so beautifully done, maybe I'll give it a try--


Wow, looks like a lot of energy! And so many wonderful things you made!


yummy cakes!


To say I am exhausted today, is putting it mildly.
To answer some questions:
1. The bias binding is silk binding from Tessutis.
2. The muffin icing is really a deliate shade of purple, but looks grey in the photos. I erred on the side of caution with the colour, rather than eating something far more lurid...
3. Jo - your Arnie comment has been dully noted.
4. Thankyou for the comments everyone about the top. The bias binding really does set it off, and was a lot easier to put in than I thought it would be - just time consuming to stitch neatly and evenly. It's darker in real life, but will sit really well with the Liberty print pattern of the shirt to go under it.


All that and you still have to go to work! How do you manage it?

lisa s

oh i'm not fretting. just excited !!! and you are WAY ahead of me... i was going to make you something too - besides what you know you have a coming, but.... my energy level is practically non-existant!

the mini muffins look so yummy!


I can't beleive I spotted the silk binding. I am amazing myself even! It is really beautiful. Perhaps you can buy Arnie fabric at Spotlight ???? Heaven.


ooh la la! lisa's bag-sket looks amazing. no comment on the trims. wouldn't be fair. must wait. and those days when you can get so much done--wonderful. it's 31 degrees Celsius here, and sewing seems like a poor proposition. but we'll see.


wow - that was certainly a flurry of creativity! :)


omg that jumper/wrap is beautiful! I wish i could knit faster lol.. i have three knitting projects all at the half way mark waiting to be finished.. sigh..


i want some
blue cakes!
your blog is
always full
of temptations!
things to eat
and japanese
craft books-
you torture me!
all your craft
look wonderful...
are the best...
with bloggers
them even

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